for the sake of argument

Sep 23, 2005

We love you, get lost

Stan Hister
The fact that there is such a thing as a “hospitality industry” tells you right away that there is a problem, as if the only way to get consideration and a warm smile these days is to pay f
Jul 8, 2005

What if the New Economy leaves you behind?

Patricia Robertson
I'm a Generation Xer. This means I have more in common with Depression-era people than my older Baby Boomer cohorts. Perhaps that's why I'm so aware of the roulette-wheel economics many Canadians hav
May 24, 2005

Quebec separation was not laid to rest in 1995

Pierre Dubuc
Canadian progressives outside Quebec must abandon all hope of satisfying Quebec's aspirations with vague constitutionalreforms modelled on the Meech or Charlottetown accords. Instead, they should sta
May 3, 2005

Strange bedfellows not so shocking

David Bernans
Jack Layton and Paul Martin both accuse Stephen Harper of being “in bed with the separatists.” There are plenty of reasons to go after Harper. He opposes same-sex marriage, he is in favour
Apr 26, 2005

The view from the semi-apathetic left

Russ Cooper
There is such a division between the politicians' world of politics and the citizens' world of politics. They have their own language and dress code that have nothing to do with people in the real w
Apr 15, 2005

Good faith, bad humour

George Case
The snide digs lately aimed at everything from American foreign policy to the Conservative Party's same-sexskepticism (“It's the Charter, Stupid,” smirked lapel buttons at the Liberal conve
Mar 29, 2005

Political opportunism at its most malignant

Jack MacAndrew
It has been all but impossible to avoid the uproar surrounding the final days of Terry Schiavo. The case has been demeaned into a soap opera. Indeed, there have been happenings no soap opera writer c
Mar 23, 2005

Why doesn't Canada join the European Union?

Am Johal
In the middle of the free trade debates, Margaret Atwood wrote about the U.S., “Canada as a separate but dominated country has done about as well under the United States as women worldwide have
Jan 30, 2005

Mainstream media misleads on Haiti

Yves Engler
<i>The Globe and Mail</i>, finally decided to report on Canadian operations in Haiti. While reporter Marina Jimenez at least quoted a Haitian saying, &#147;You, the Canadians, the French and the Amer
Jan 19, 2005

Time they washed their mouths out with soap

Once again, a certain ugly attitude of putdown and snobbery towards Atlantic Canada has erupted. I thought that stuff was dying out, or at least drifting down from the peak it reached following the 1


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