June 1
Jane George | On Tuesday, June 12th, the University of the Arctic opens its virtual doors. With an official launch in Rovaniemi, Finland, this "university without walls" will serve students throughout the circumpo
May 31
Judy Rebick | The New Democratic Party is in deep crisis. While the broad left is experiencing a youthful and energetic renewal on the streets and through citizen groups, little if any of this new energy is makin
May 29
Finn Harvor | When a brokerage company messenger has more drops added to a day, "Instead of enjoying the walk, you're rushing, you're jay-walking in circumstances where it may be dangerous, you're going across red
rabble news May 28
Geoff Olson | Slipping a twenty to someone on the street won't right our culture's social, political and economic wrongs. Still, it can mean a lot, both to the giver and the receiver.
May 25
Wojtek Dabrowski | The national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Matthew Coon Come, says that only 80,000 houses exist for the 750,000 aboriginals across Canada. That's about one house for every nine people. He
May 25
Nate Hendley | Controversial conspiracy theorists are finding new forums at alternative health, medicine and spirituality events. This is a story about the relationship between the far-out and the far right.
May 24
Kokila Jacob | In this country, politicians can easily revoke the right to free expression. The price they paid for doing so in the past has been high. India's media have prevailed over occasional intimidation from
May 23
Kate Heartfield | Local government is taking on global trade. Across Canada, municipalities have gone public with their worries about what free trade can do to towns and cities. When the Federation of Canadian Municip
May 22
David Leibl | Activists from around the world have joined forces to end the commodification of living things. They want organizations, governments and political parties to sign up and stop the privatization of "ge
rabble news May 22
Amnesty International | Amnesty International is calling for a public enquiry to investigate police tactics and behaviour in handling the demonstrations that surrounded the Quebec Summit, and into the conditions for people
May 21
Lenny Stoute | Toronto photographer Kevin Kelly's current show, Kings And Queens, examines cross-dressing on both sides of the gender divide. <i>rabble</i> asks Kelly about the whys and how-comes of the show. It su
rabble news May 21
Bronwen Cunningham | The other night, my daughter said that - now she understands how vulnerable I am to all of the violence the government can muster - she no longer feels that my protection is enough. Her disappointmen
May 20
Faye Denstedt | Members of the Canadian Alliance Party in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties, Ontario, are feeling the affects of the Stockwell Day's shaky leadership. One local membership chair indicates that ther
May 19
Sarah Schmidt | Professor David Noble's dynamic career is what makes him a perfect fit for Simon Fraser University's J.S. Woodsworth Chair. But after much intrigue, Simon Fraser University's administration quashed t
May 18
Penni Mitchell | A researcher releases a report concluding that Canada's testing of genetically modified food isn't rigorous enough. The government responds by getting personal, saying the study is wrong and the clai
May 17
Kate Braid, Verne McDonald and John Burns | <b>Susan Crean</b>'s <i>The Laughing One</i> is "a brave and wonderful contribution to the literature on Emily Carr." | <b>Andr&#195;&#169; Gerolymatos</b> explores myth, reality and eternal conflict
May 17
Murray Dobbin | British Columbia's NDP government did make mistakes. But it also did some pretty brave things. Too bad the province's big media worked so hard to wipe all that out. Now a landslide victory for the Li
May 17
Enzo Di Matteo | NDP MP Joe Comartin, who was himself overcome by fumes in Quebec, has formally asked the feds to release "an exact chemical composition of all chemicals" used at the summit. The government's response
May 17
Tooker Gomberg | The cop who fired at Eric Laferriere was no more than six metres away from him, near the wall surrounding the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City. The bullet hammered into his throat, crushing his
May 17
Inter Press Service | Poverty rates in Venezuela have reached alarming levels as human development indicators have reverted to their 1970 levels, even though it is among one of the top five oil exports.
May 16
Brian MacLean | The Liberal's 11-digit clock carries the label "Provincial debt under the NDP," and the Website warns, "This is how fast it is growing!" The clock shows B.C.'s debts mounting before your very eyes. T
May 16
Colin Freeze and Andrew Mitrovica | A senior lawyer with the Canadian Human Rights Commission has been suspended, in part because he publicly complained that the agency has become a waste of taxpayers' money and is near collapse.
May 16
John Hanson | Don't worry, just dump. Monday, the National Post ran an article about why recycling is a waste of time. Today, the head of the Recycling Council of Ontario explains why that's a lot of garbage.
May 15
Brian MacLean | The Toronto Star's Dalton Camp criticizes an economic study as so much right-wing dogma. Brian MacLean begs to differ with the columnist's analysis. Of tax cuts, productivity and National Post covera
rabble news May 15
more rabble | News from on the ground, first-person accounts, analysis of free trade, strategies of protest and more. Includes follow-up articles on the arrests and detainment of The Germinal 5, Jaggi Singh and Ne
May 14
Sarah Boseley | The South African government has no intention of buying the antiretroviral drugs that can keep people with HIV/AIDS alive. This despite its courtroom victory over pharmaceutical companies, which were
May 14
David Beers | To add up the collateral damage wrought by free-market society, suggests psychologist Bruce Alexander, look around and start counting all the addicts you know. Don't forget to add money, power, work,
rabble news May 12
David Bernans | The Germinal 5 were arrested just before the Summit of the Americas began in Quebec City. After three weeks of imprisonment, they have yet to gain much media attention. Still, supporters have been de
rabble news May 11
David Bernans | Vaughn Barnett went to the Quebec City protests last month. He identified himself as a pacifist. He sat down. Since then, he's been in Orsainville Prison. Find out why.
May 10
Hugh Mackenzie | When the Harris government was elected, it called its program the Common Sense Revolution. The new provincial budget - including yet more pointless tax cuts and another squeeze on public services - i