analysis July 11
Vancouver. Image: Cliff Hellis/Flickr
Cheryl Whiting | Eye-opening studies show that the operation emissions of a building after 60 years are only half of the embodied emissions that are present as of day one, thanks to its construction methods.
analysis July 6
Photo: rick/Flickr
Ed Finn | Canada’s social spending has declined to just 17.2 per cent of GDP. There is no excuse for government refusal to improve our inferior social programs and help millions in poverty-stricken families.
in their own words June 29
The south façade of the Ontario Legislative Building. Photo: Benson Kua
Barâa Arar | That intimate relationship between legislation, extreme political rhetoric, and the rise in hate crimes as shown by Donald Trump’s America, is exactly why I am afraid of a Ford majority government.
analysis June 28
Photo: Humberto Da Silva
Nino Pagliccia | The elections are over but the electoral process in Venezuela has not ended.
arts/media June 27
The Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLiFF) is showing Pride at the Carleton Cinema.
Michelle Guo | The Canadian International Labour Film Festival recognizes and celebrates the working class.
analysis June 25
From the film "Flying Paper".  Photo: Flying Paper Doc/Flickr
Jonathan Cook | Kites, a symbol for Palestinian children of normality and joy, are now being used to outwit military oppression.
analysis June 23
Photo: Takver/Flicker
Karl Nerenberg | In 2002, Canada and the U.S. signed an agreement that says asylum seekers can be sent back to the U.S. when they try to enter Canada. Trump’s recent actions make that agreement look ridiculous.
in their own words June 22
Photo: Can Pac Swire/Flickr
Gordon Laxer | NAFTA is a corporate rights agreement, not a free-trade agreement in the original sense.
in their own words June 22
Photo: Neil Moralee/Flickr
Jerry Dias | Labour leaders warned that getting rid of mandatory retirement would create a block to young workers entering the workforce.
book review June 20
Damming the Peace. Photo: Cathryn Atkinson
Cathryn Atkinson | A new book on the B.C. project on the Peace River breaks down its history, impacts and problems in 15 fascinating chapters.
analysis June 19
Looking down at Montreal from Mount Royal. Photo: Corey Templeton/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Mayor Valérie Plante of Montreal has initiated a pilot project banning cars from driving over Mount Royal. The vehement opposition, even from some of her erstwhile supporters, is worrisome.
analysis June 16
Photo: Dylan Passmore/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Populist-right election victories signal a revolt of drivers. Conservative politicians exploit suburban commuters’ fears of carbon taxes and higher costs at the pump.
analysis June 13
Photo: Alan Stanton/Flickr
Ed Finn | The prospect of saving billions in the future by spending more to alleviate child poverty today doesn’t appeal to conservative corporate CEOs or their political minions.
arts/media June 9
Photo: Tania Ehret
Tania Ehret | The Dril Art Collective wants the installation to offer “a way to process the things that stimulate us through the senses.”
analysis June 8
Photo: Doug Ford/Twitter
Karl Nerenberg | In Ontario, first-past-the-post again did its work and rewarded all of the power to a leader with 41 per cent of the vote. In the case of Doug Ford, close to 60 per cent of voters cannot abide him.
analysis June 6
Andrea-Horwath-Nomination-Meeting-Ontario-NDP-Campaign-Kickoff-2018. Photo: Joey Coleman/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | The Ontario Liberals who prefer a PC to an NDP win have prevailed. Progressives tempted by Kathleen Wynne’s party might want to re-consider before rewarding Liberal cynicism with their votes.
arts/media June 5
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, addressed MEPs in Strasbourg on Thursday 16 February, 2017, one day after the the European Parliament approved the EU-Canada trade agreement (CETA). Photo: European Parliament
Ed Finn | A new book by Joyce Nelson provides practical challenges to corporate rule.
analysis June 4
Photo: Dominion Voting Systems
Howard Pasternack, Rosemary Frei | Among other things, scrutineers, appointed by parties to watch for cheating, will no longer be able to observe the count for 90 per cent of the ballots.
satire May 31
Photo by Hadani Ditmars
Hadani Ditmars | How a very Vancouver accident led to a concussion and reflections on the changes overtaking Lotusland.
rabble news May 30
A kindergartener in Maghazi Refugee Camp, Gaza, drinks clean water from a Maia Project unit installed in Dec. 2009. Photo: Mohammed Majdalawi/Middle East Children's Alliance
Mark Zeitoun, Ghassan Abu Sitta | While an attitude persists that "today, no one in Israel experiences water scarcity," Gazans are suffering deplorable conditions of poisoned water.
rabble news May 29
Photo: Rosemary Frei
Rosemary Frei | Exploring Toronto's potential as a smart and inclusive city at U of T conference.
analysis May 28
Photo: Andrea Horwath/ Twitter
Karl Nerenberg | The Ontario election is a bit more than a week away. In the last leaders’ debate of the campaign, PC leader Ford still refused to give any details about his plans.
analysis May 25
Photo: @ gghamari/Instagram
Karl Nerenberg | A PC candidate said she does not believe humans caused climate, and her leader has not disavowed that view. One of Doug Ford’s big pledges is to scrap key measures to reduce carbon emissions.
analysis May 24
Counting votes in Caracas. Photo: Humberto Da Silva
Humberto DaSilva |'s correspondent to the Venezuelan presidential elections on May 20 reflects on what he saw in Caracas.
analysis May 23
Karl Nerenberg | Trudeau's plan to make elections fairer is salutary. But it is hard to forget that he flagrantly broke his promise to change the electoral system.
analysis May 19
Karl Nerenberg | Andrea Horwath’s party is moving up in all the Ontario election polls. The NDP appears to have momentum now, but there is lots of the campaign left to fight.
politics May 16
Photo: Coady International Institute
Tyler Pennock | The chief commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, speaks at the 6th annual Tommy Douglas Institute event on Monday, May 28.
analysis May 15
Photo: Sarah Mann
Sarah Mann | The closure of Backpage and passage of laws like FOSTA may not be a win for sex workers, but a feminist critique of how governments enforce anti-trafficking and anti-prostitution legislation could be.
analysis May 14
Photo: Al_HikesAZ/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Canadian media are covering Ford the way U. S. media covered Trump. Even when they believe they are being critical, by disproportionately focusing on the PC leader they are helping his campaign.
for the sake of argument May 11
Photo: James McCaffrey
Karl Nerenberg | Elections Ontario is telling voters the party that wins the most seats always gets to form a government. That is utterly false.