profile September 17
Dr. Cheryl Matthew, right. Image: votercheryl/Facebook
Stephen Wentzell | Matthew, of the Simpcw First Nation, is running for the Green Party for the first time. She hopes to turn the Vancouver East riding -- long held by the NDP -- green.
profile September 17
Alejandra Bravo. Image: Alejandra Bravo/Facebook
Chuka Ejeckam | A candidate for the NDP in Davenport, Bravo was born in Chile in 1971. In 1973, her family was living in Santiago, a few blocks from the presidential palace, where a coup d'etat took place that year.
opinion September 17
Erin O'Toole smiles with a mug in his hand on day two of the 2021 election campaign. Image: Erin O'Toole/Flickr
Toby Sanger | Erin O'Toole might smile and wave, but underneath, it's the same old party with the same old corporate tax breaks.
opinion September 17
Justin Trudeau approaches a podium at for a press conference held on the margins of the General Assembly’s annual general debate in 2017. Image: UN Photo/Kim Haughton/Flickr
Yves Engler | Canada has failed to support many critical elements of an international rules-based order during Trudeau's six years in power. Yves Engler breaks down 10.
politics September 17
Quebec solidaire Leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois poses with a wok in response to being called 'woke' by François Legault. Image: Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois/Twitter
Karl Nerenberg | On Wednesday, the Québec solidaire leader decided it was time to shift the focus away from Quebec's widespread sense of grievance and back to the source of the controversy, Law 21 itself.
analysis September 16
March and Rally -Saturday April 11th, 2015 in Fort Langley against TMX. Image: Jen Castro/Flickr
Joyce Nelson | The pipeline expansion is only 30 per cent complete. Environmentalists say this is the time to stop wasting both our money and our future by cancelling it.
profile September 16
Lisa Roberts and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh in Halifax. Image: Lisa Roberts/Facebook
Stephen Wentzell | A former Nova Scotia NDP MLA is hoping to take back a seat long-held by the party in Halifax, but being a working mom during back-to-school in a pandemic is an undeniable hurdle.
opinion September 16
A woman holding a baby with a toddler on the other side focuses on her phone. Image: Vitolda Klein/Unsplash
Judy Rebick | The pandemic's effect on women should be front and centre in this election, but so far, there's a lack of substantive debate on social spending, health care, education, long-term care or childcare.
politics September 15
Tria Donaldson. Image: Provided by Tria Donaldson
Libby Davies | Tria Donaldson talks to Libby Davies about the polarization of politics in Canada, voter disengagement in Saskatchewan, and what she's learned about herself during her first federal campaign.
analysis September 13
A sign reading "comprehensive community care" with an elderly man walking in front of it. Image: Government of Alberta/Flickr
Marjorie Griffin Cohen | The job vacancy rate in health care and social assistance increased 39 per cent from the first quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021, with almost 99,000 jobs needing to be filled.
profile September 13
Murray Dobbin with his longtime wife, Ellen Gould. Image: Provided by Ellen Gould
Libby Davies, Kim Elliott | Murray's capacity was bottomless and always invigorating. He was a giant of the Canadian left, and had a profound influence on contemporary thinking and action.
opinion September 13
Erin O'Toole social media post from June 2020 about being tough on China. Image: Erin O'Toole/Twitter
Yves Engler | The Conservatives' election platform refers to "China" 31 times and "Chinese" 10 times. By comparison, Saudi Arabia is not mentioned once, which is a far more authoritarian and violent state.
analysis September 10
A memorial for the global war on terrorism in Trinidad, Colorado. Image: Matt Lemmon/Flickr
Anne Dagenais | The words "terrorism" and "threats to national security" have become an effective tool for the state to discredit and/or repress any group or person, especially those challenging the status quo.
politics September 10
Parliament Hill. Image: Naveen Kumar/Unsplash
Stephen Wentzell | So you've decided to vote for the first time. Here's what to expect.
politics September 10
Image: From left to right: Annamie Paul/Jagmeet Singh/Justin Trudeau/Yves-François Blanchet/Erin O'Toole/Facebook
Stephen Wentzell | While the climate crisis was featured among the six debate topics, it continues to be presented politically as an issue on its own, rather than something that crucially informs every other issue.
analysis September 9
A red ball cap that reads "Make Alberta Great Again." Image: Make Alberta Great Again/Facebook
Charlotte Dalwood | The Maverick Party is tapping into Western protest politics in an effort to achieve a version of what socialists want: an overhaul of the existing political and constitutional order.
politics September 9
A screenshot of the leader's debate. Image: Twitter/Wab Kinew.
Karl Nerenberg | Climate change was but an afterthought in a debate that focussed on child care and finally -- long-term care was addressed.
profile September 9
A truck drives through a wildfire. Image: Marcus Kauffman/Unsplash
Libby Davies | "It makes it very hard for people to focus on an election when you're talking about daily survival."
analysis September 8
A baby's hand is held by another hand. Image: Aditya Romansa/Unsplash
Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Pat Armstrong | The conditions of work are the conditions of care.
profile September 8
Hawa Y. Mire. Image: Noor Al-Mosawi/Hawa Y. Mire/Facebook
Stephen Wentzell | NDP candidate says Trudeau's security concerns over protestors a concern facing racialized communities every day.
analysis September 7
"NASA Study: First Direct Proof of Ozone Hole Recovery Due to Chemicals Ban." Image: NASA/Flickr
Jennifer Cole | World leaders must use the example of past successes in reducing CO2 emissions. Perhaps there, they can find the answers we need for the major economic and environmental shifts required now.
analysis September 3
Former Nova Scotia premier Iain Rankin next to Justin Trudeau. Images: Iain Rankin/Justin Trudeau/Twitter
Sharon Fraser | From the effects of advance polling to the issue of affordable housing -- here's how the Nova Scotia election and the ongoing federal election stack up.
politics September 3
From top left, clockwise: Jagmeet Singh/Erin O'Toole/Yves Francois-Blanchet/Justin Trudeau/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | The NDP's Jagmeet Singh relied too much on rehearsed rhetoric.
rabble news September 2
A sign reading "no drones" on a fencepost. Image: Martin Sanchez/Unsplash
Joyce Nelson | By Autumn of 2021, Canada is expecting to receive bids for the $5 billion it is planning to spend on the purchase of armed drones.
politics September 2
Elections Canada polling station signs in the Dalhousie University student union building during the 2019 federal election. Image: Cold, Indrid/Flickr
Stephen Wentzell | The largest voting bloc in the country -- students and youth -- won't be able to vote on campus for this federal election.
analysis September 2
A makeshift memorial for the four family members who were murdered in London, Ontario earlier this year. Image: AvidLondonerK2001/Wikimedia Commons
Aidan Simardone | "Fairness" is the Liberal's modus operandi towards Muslims. They oppose direct discrimination -- hate crimes and slurs -- rather than address systemic root causes.
opinion September 1
Justin Trudeau meets a group of Indigenous women on the campaign trail. Image: Justin Trudeau/Twitter
Rachel Snow | Parties campaign with slogans like the three musketeers' "all for one and one for all." When it comes time to deliver, they sound more like the three stooges: "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, we fooled you again."
profile September 1
Bill Sundhu. Image: Bill Sundhu/provided
Libby Davies | It's a tight race in Kamloops -- Thompson -- Cariboo between the NDP's Sundhu and the Conservatives.
rabble news September 1
Debris left behind after the RCMP raided Ada'itsx Fairy Creek headquarters. Image: provided by Kelly Tatham
Kelly Tatham | White-centred climate activism blows the whistle in fear of what the future might hold. Indigenous-centred activism maintains that the present is not safe and it is the present we must attend to.
opinion August 31
A private jet in Calgary. Image: Dave Sublack/Flickr
Bruce Campbell | The climate-inequality relationship is brought into stark relief when comparing Canada, one of the richest countries, and Mali, one of the poorest, that has already been devastated by climate change.