rabble news November 9
Rosemary Frei | Seeking international investors to come to the storm-strewn island, the governor outlines to Canadians how they can find a return on investment in public-private partnerships in Puerto Rico.
rabble news November 8
Karl Nerenberg | The results of this week’s midterm elections pose a direct threat to Indigenous communities in Canada’s Northwest Territories. And Norman Snowshoe of Fort McPherson dreads what could be coming.
rabble news November 5
Photo: Wil C. Fry/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Canadians will be keeping a close eye on the results of the November 6 elections south of the border as we will have to deal with the consequences of the choices Americans make.
rabble news November 1
House of Commons
Karl Nerenberg | Earlier this week, the prime minister called a by-election, but has not set dates for votes in three other vacant ridings, including where NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is a declared candidate.
rabble news November 1
Photo: Le Studio/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Former governor general David Johnston will head new commission that will oversee one debate in each official language.
arts/media November 1
Bruce Campbell | This excerpt from Campbell's new book describes the deadly game of Russian roulette that lead to the 2013 train explosion in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec.
rabble news October 29
Jagmeet Signh
Karl Nerenberg | The delay in calling a by-election in B.C., where Jagmeet Singh is a declared candidate might have less to do with the NDP leader’s candidacy and more with a pipeline cutting right through the riding.
rabble news October 26
Trudeau in House of Commons.
Karl Nerenberg | With the next election one year away, the Liberals are banking that Canadians want their government to meet commitments and help reduce greenhouse gases.
rabble interview October 25
Scene from the film Beyond Climate
Phillip Dwight Morgan | New documentary film looks at how environmental changes are playing out in parts of British Columbia, an area described as Canada's "seminal province" for climate change.
book review October 25
Mary Rowles | Two new books, Sam Pizzigati's "The Case for a Maximum Wage" and Sarah Smarsh's "Heartland," portray both extremes of the class divide in America.
opinion October 22
Downtown Vancouver/Facebook
Libby Davies | The city's new mayor and council have the capacity to work across party lines and forge strong relationships to deliver the critical changes for Vancouver.
rabble news October 21
Kennedy Stewart.
Karl Nerenberg | Vancouver has a new mayor, former NDP MP Kennedy Stewart. He beat a field of 21 candidates in the Oct. 20 election by a slim margin.
analysis October 19
City of Toronto/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | The CBC is shooting itself in the foot with its decision not to provide live television coverage of the municipal election results in Ontario.
arts/media October 18
Lindsay Wong | In this excerpt from Lindsay Wong's memoir "The Woo-Woo," adolescent Lindsay tries to bring her mother back by winning MVP of her hockey league.
rabble news October 16
Elizabeth May
Karl Nerenberg | Passions fly high as House debates UN’s climate change report, with Green Party leader Elizabeth May telling government: ‘We need to do twice as much.’
politics October 15
House of Commons.
Karl Nerenberg | Making a distinction between the executive and legislative branches, the Supreme Court recently ruled the federal government doesn't always have to consult Indigenous people. The distinction is flawed
rabble news October 12
Members of the Canadian Supreme Court.
Karl Nerenberg | The Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision this week that says the federal government does not have the duty to consult Indigenous people when drafting laws, includes a powerful opposing opinion.
politics October 11
Toronto skyline Source City of Toronto/Flickr
Phillip Dwight Morgan | As the Toronto election campaign heads into its final days, writer Phillip Morgan looks at how the democratic system is failing the city
rabble news October 10
Photo: UN Climate Change Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | As some politicians continue to hammer at their who-cares-about-climate-change message while making headlines, the complex news of failing to curb carbon emissions receives a lot less coverage.
politics October 4
John Tory/Facebook
Phillip Dwight Morgan | The CBC points to Tory's refusal to participate, but the move raises questions about how the media frames coverage and contributes to influencing outcomes.
politics October 3
Christina Marshall/Leadnow Canada/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Federal government appoints former Supreme Court justice to lead the talks on how to accommodate concerns of the affected First Nations.
politics October 2
CAQ leader François Legault addresses supporters election night.  François Legault's official page/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | Coalition Avenir Québec leader François Legault swept to power Monday with a convincing majority, leaving the two traditional provincial parties -- the PQ and Liberals -- shattered.
arts/media September 27
Dana Ewachow | From fiction to the media, portrayals of student-teacher relationships tend to favour the perspective of the older, more powerful party.
analysis September 27
Torndao damage in west end Ottawa. Photo credit: John Wilson/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | While climate change related events ravage citizens' lives, Ontario Premier Ford and his enablers gleefully attack virtually all measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
rabble interview September 20
Rosemary Frei | This collection of essays reveals how pension fund capitalism is robbing Canadians of safe and affordable infrastructure, and what can be done to stop this.
rabble series September 20
Photo courtesy of D!ONNE Renée's election campaign
Phillip Dwight Morgan | For mayoral candidate D!ONNE Renée, Toronto still presents many barriers to people's livelihoods. As mayor she would bring an inclusive vision for the city's future.
rabble news September 14
Members of Women Transforming Cities at Hot Pink Paper launch. Photo: Tania Ehret
Tania Ehret | As Vancouver gears up for its 2018 election on October 20, local women's organization Women Transforming Cities launch their Hot Pink Paper on women-friendly policies in municipal politics.
politics September 14
Ontario Premier Doug Ford stands in the Ontario legislature. Photo: Premier of Ontario Photography/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Doug Ford intends to use the Constitution's notwithstanding clause to circumvent a court ruling preventing him from cutting Toronto city council, but he has not countered any of the judge's points.
rabble series September 12
Photo credit: Wooden Panda
Phillip Dwight Morgan | A proud alumnus of WomenWinTO, Toronto mayoral candidate Saron Gebresellassi spent more than a year planning her run and boasts over a decade of community organizing experience.
politics September 6
Rally against Kinder Morgan oil pipeline on Burnaby Mountain. Photo: Mark Klotz/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | The Federal Court of Appeal decision on Trans Mountain condemns a patronizing consultation process with First Nations. Can Trudeau correct that, and protect the B.C. coast?