July 19
Finn Harvor | People think fatness is a choice, something you can change. They think if you're fat you lack willpower. My mom was fat. But she kept struggling with it. So I guess she projected a lot of her ambival
rabble news July 19
Erin George | International public protest has forced the French government to get the Globalise Resistance train back on schedule. The county's state-run railway had cancelled the trip. Now, 450 anti-corporate-gl
rabble news July 18
Erin George | The Globalise Resistance train headed to Genoa, Italy was scheduled to depart from Calais, France, on the morning of July 18. Then French authorities cancelled the trip Evidently, the G8 leaders' com
July 18
Murray Dobbin | Will New Zealand join the North American Free Trade Agreement? Not if it takes a hard look at what the deal did for Canada.
July 17
Laura Hershey | During a TV appearance not so long ago, Jerry Lewis said "cripples in wheelchairs" should stay home if they didn't want pity. It's one more notorious example of his contempt for people with disabilit
July 16
Marina Jiménez | Demonstrators at the G8 summit will employ weapons in keeping with Genoa's medieval past, though the use of catapults could be seen as playing to the media.
rabble news July 16
Judy MacDonald | Some of our <i>rabble.ca</i> readers have asked us what the heck is going on. They want to know our diabolical plans, our financial fate, about our schemes for auntie.com.
July 13
Theresa Williams | Each day since my return to Washington, D.C., I have witnessed a draconian shift towards intolerance and oppression more than ever before in American society. It comes in the forms of gentrification,
July 13
Paul Richter | Antimissile tests will force action "within months, not years." White House argues landmark treaty has outlived its usefulness.
July 13
Contributor | The real price of prisons. There are more people behind bars in the United States today than ever before. Since 1980, the inmate population has more than quadrupled to 2 million - an unprecedented ex
July 13
Alternatives | How the real thing is more energy-efficient than doing it online. We're serious.
July 12
Keith Garebian | With <i>The Trials Of Ezra Pound</i>, Timothy Findley adds yet another icon to his gallery in fiction and drama. Findleys play exposes Pound to the judgement of others and of history, but it does no
July 12
CBC News Staff | The provincial Liberal house leader Gary Collins says of the NDP members who were elected: "Joy MacPhail will not receive $39,000 to be the leader of two people. Jenny Kwan will not receive an extra
July 12
Dimitri Katadotis | Ji-woon Kim's <i>The Foul King</i> and the crowning of Korean cinema. Currently, Korea has the highest percentage of young filmmakers in the world. The vast majority of movies coming out are directed
July 12
Contributor | On Wednesday's UN World Population Day, the United Nations Population Fund asked the Taliban to allow women access to the health care they need. One of every 100 Afghan women dies in childbirth, and
July 12
Carlyn Zwarenstein | World representatives are meeting in Bonn, Germany, the quiet capital of the former West Germany, with the lofty goal of slowing down environmental change. With George W. Bush withdrawing his energy-
July 12
Penni Mitchell | The biotech industry is heralding the introduction of white rice that is genetically engineered to boost its dose of vitamin A. The companies say it will help alleviate blindness among the world's po
July 12
Tom Lyons | A July 9 hearing, which was repeatedly interrupted by audience laughter, ended with applause when Superior Court Justice Patrick Sheppard refused to prohibit OCAP leader John Clarke from organizing f
July 11
Lorraine Michael | A Canadian company is pushing to build a dam in an ecologically sensitive region of Belize. Newfoundlanders are working with protesters in the Central American country to stop the devastation.
rabble news July 10
Todd Lamirande | A journalist covers a First Nations protest in Sun Valley, British Columbia. He videotapes a heated moment between some native youth and non-Aboriginal local men. The police take seized tapes from hi
July 9
Murray Dobbin | A plan to develop a private water filtration plant in greater Vancouver went down in flames recently. The best part about it? Free trade is being blamed for the defeat.
July 6
Kate Heartfield | America's insatiable appetite for oil, gas and electricity could mean big profits for Canada - they're already running out of oil drills in Alberta. Trouble is, with the increased greenhouse gas emis
rabble news July 5
Judy Rebick | John Clarke is suspected of messing up somebody's files, pushing desks around and maybe throwing a microwave oven out the window. Mike Harris is suspected of implementing policies that caused the dea
rabble news July 5
Judy MacDonald | Privatizining water; blame for Rwanda's genocide; the dangers of genetically modified foods; the perils of UN corporate partnerships: these are a few of the stories Project Censored believes that mai
July 5
Dimitri Katadotis | <i>Lumumba</i>, Raoul Peck's biopic of the first democratically elected leader of Congo, is a kind of exhumation, with a portrait of the man pieced together from available documents, both written and
July 5
Gregory Boyd Bell | Second to the employment of heavy rocks to get rid of people who aren't like you, the most popular and primordial of human entertainments is to lock a bunch of people in an arena and let them fight i
July 4
Finn Harvor | Computers can perform miracles - when they're not eliciting curses. Commands are illogical, cursors jump around like fleas and systems freeze for no reason. It's time for a revolt of the complexity-l
rabble news July 3
Linda McQuaig | The multinational drug industry has fought the generic drug licensing system just about everywhere it has surfaced. Thirty-nine major drug companies jointly launched a lawsuit against South Africa in
rabble news June 29
Joy Pincus | The now infamous Women of Afghanistan petition is still making the rounds, sometimes revisiting the same people five times or more. The irksome e-mail may have alerted millions to the deplorable stat
June 29
Audra Estrones Williams | On this Canada Day weekend, let's take few moments to remember and celebrate some great, unsung Canadian heroines. Some you may know; others you will; the rest you probably should. They are Maple. Th