analysis November 18
NDP finance critic Peter Julian. Image: Peter Julian/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | MP Peter Julian has introduced a private member's bill to create a national prescription drug benefit for all Canadians, in conjunction with the provinces.
arts/media November 9
Image: Fotomovimiento/Flickr
Steven Heighton | In 2015, Heighton travelled to Lesvos to assist Syrian refugees who had crossed the Aegean Sea from Turkey -- the same crossing made by his mother's people after the Greco-Turkish War ended in 1922.
rabble news November 5
Premier Jason Kenney at a news briefing in July. Image: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr
Chelsea Nash | Alberta is taking the most extreme austerity measures in response to the pandemic as it seeks to replace public employees with private industry.
analysis October 30
Image: Erik (HASH) Hersman/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | The 2020 U.S. presidential election could see a repeat of 2000 or 2016, where the Republicans win electoral votes in just enough states to carry the electoral college, while losing the popular vote.
rabble news October 28
Image: Stephen Weppler/Flickr
Chelsea Nash | Unifor leadership and workers have questions about why police intervened when there was no injunction preventing picketing at a Weston's Bakery location.
rabble news October 27
Image: Victor Avdeev/Unsplash
Chelsea Nash | Advocates are lobbying for federal legislation that would qualify many app-based gig workers as "employees."
analysis October 27
Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner. Image: Video screenshot
Karl Nerenberg | Members of Parliament are supposed to be more than rubber stamps for the government. It should be possible for MPs to do their job while the crucial work to fight the pandemic continues unimpeded.
rabble interview October 26
Author image: Marko Kovacevic​
Alexandra Valahu | Although the world Hernandez builds in her new novel "Crosshairs" has been described as sci-fi and dystopian, it looks a lot like the one we live in right now.
analysis October 22
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. Image: Video screenshot
Karl Nerenberg | The hubris of the federal Liberals and Conservatives brought Canada to the brink of an election, just a year after the last one -- and during the second wave of a pandemic.
rabble news October 21
Image: CUPE
Chelsea Nash | Sixty union jobs have been lost in Bowmanville, Ontario, amid a pandemic crisis in long-term care homes.
analysis October 20
Moderate living fishery fleet. Image: Courtesy Sipeknekatik
Karl Nerenberg | The RCMP has called in reinforcements from other provinces, but will the police recognize that the Indigenous fishers are the law-abiding people here, while their tormentors are the criminals?
rabble news October 16
Alberta Minister of Health Tyler Shandro pictured in May 2020. Image: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr
Chelsea Nash | Alberta union leaders are in daily communication with one another, something they say is beyond the norm.
rabble news October 14
Minister Marc Miller pictured in June 2020. Image: Marc Miller/Twitter
Karl Nerenberg | First Nations communities will be safer when federal and provincial governments adopt a fulsome recognition of First Nations' right to run their own affairs.
analysis October 9
Foodora worker and organizer Ivan Ostos. Image: Tess Siksay
Chelsea Nash | Unions, lawyers and a variety of workers are pursuing different legal avenues to have gig workers' rights recognized under the Employment Standards Act.
rabble news October 7
Amy Greer pictured during this week's press conference. ​Image: Screenshot taken during this week's press conference.
Chelsea Nash | At a press conference hosted by four Ontario teacher unions, epidemiologists warned that autumn will bring higher rates of COVID-19 infection if changes are not implemented.
analysis October 7
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a press conference on October 1, 2020. Image: CanadianPM/Twitter
Karl Nerenberg | American lawmakers refer to emergency COVID measures as economic stimulus. In Canada, as in Europe, they are more likely to consider such measures to be simply social programs.
analysis October 5
Annamie Paul, the new leader of the federal Green party. Image: Annamie Paul/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | In the current context, a reinvigorated Green party poses the biggest threat not to the Liberals but to the NDP.
rabble news September 25
Photo of this week's speech from the throne. Image: Justin Trudeau/Facebook
Chelsea Nash | The labour movement clearly has the ear of the Trudeau government, some observers say.
analysis September 24
Justin Trudeau speaks in a televised address after the throne speech. Image: Video screenshot/PMO​
Karl Nerenberg | Based on the speech, it is hard to believe that there was any need to cut the previous parliamentary session short -- except to put a stop to committees that were looking into the WE affair.
opinion September 23
Image: frankie cordoba/Unsplash
Chelsea Nash | "Big labour" paints a picture of power hungry unions who are out of touch with workers. It's a phrase used to separate workers from their collectivity.
analysis September 22
Justin Trudeau speaks after a cabinet retreat on September 16, 2020. Image: Video screenshot/PMO
Karl Nerenberg | Some Ottawa insiders have speculated that the government will pull back from any overly ambitious new programs, be they in energy, social welfare or even health, to focus on the pandemic.
rabble news September 21
Image: Rubén Rodriguez/Unsplash
Chelsea Nash | Largely left out of virtual schooling, EAs who are at risk of contracting COVID-19 may not have medical accommodations granted.
rabble news September 17
Image: Morning Brew/Unsplash
Karl Nerenberg | The Trudeau government could show some leadership, and drop its appeal of last July's federal court decision that the Safe Third Country Agreement violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
rabble news September 14
Image: Green Chameleon/Unsplash
Chelsea Nash | Adult day school teachers are precariously employed, have no job security, no benefits and are paid less than regular high school teachers.
rabble news September 11
Dominion workers on strike. Image: Contributed photo
Chelsea Nash | Widespread public support for grocery workers is making this strike much different from previous ones, say the workers.
rabble news September 10
NB NDP supporters gather for a photo. Image: Don Paulin
Scott Costen | New Brunswick NDP candidates hope the party's class-based message will set the stage for a rebound over the coming years.
analysis September 9
Image: Taylor Wilcox/Unsplash
Karl Nerenberg | To successfully and safely reopen public schools, governments and school boards should have focused on innovation and new investments. Instead, their main focus is on their financial bottom lines.
rabble news September 4
Image: Mwesigwa Joel/Unsplash
Chelsea Nash | Health reasons, but also not wanting to participate in a plan they say was not made with students or staff in mind, are contributing to teachers' decisions to hold off on returning to school.
rabble news September 2
Mike Saliba is a custodian for the York Catholic District School Board who is on leave as he serves as CUPE Local 1571's president. Image: Submitted
Chelsea Nash | Custodians are anticipating hours of additional work to be able to keep up with new cleaning demands in Ontario schools.
rabble news September 1
Image: Clay Banks/Unsplash
Lidia Abraha | Black youth face a number of challenges navigating the world, but how do they fare in a system that's historically set them up for failure?