August 7
Laura Flanders | Archaic British libel laws - wielded by Canada's massively wealthy corporation, Barrick Gold - were able to intimidate a twenty-first-century, U.S.-based Website.
August 7
Catherine Macleod | While specifics haven't been worked out yet, trade unions around the world plan to make November 9 a special day. That's when the World Trade Organization will meet in Qatar. It's also when anything
rabble news August 6
Todd Lamirande | The history of the dispute between natives and developers over British Columbia's Sun Peaks ski resort can be traced back to the 1858 Fraser River gold rush. The struggle by Aboriginal people to have
August 3
Karen Flynn | Toronto's Mel Lastman loves a show. The city's Caribana festival is North America's largest cultural celebration. But after a quote about cannibals in Kenya, the mayor hasn't been invited to head the
August 2
Penney Kome | The Supreme Court has said that Canadians are entitled and empowered to pass laws that protect us from toxins, no matter how profitable they might be, unless the manufacturers can prove that those to
August 2
Lisa Caines | The Supreme Court recently decided that municipalities have the right to restrict the use of pesticides. But the science behind the fear of these chemicals is far from solid, especially when it comes
August 1
Wayne MacPhail | After two decades of chasing the latest machine, technophiles might have what they need and not suffer from envy anymore. That would explain the recent lullin computer sales.
rabble news July 31
Alan Sears | The fight for gay marriage is a worthwhile one - after all, anything that riles up the religious right has got to be good. That doesn't mean, however, that queer marriage is a step toward real freedo
rabble news July 30
Dan Smoke-Asayenes | The officer who shot and killed Native activist Dudley George in 1995 has a disciplinary hearing coming up in September. Meanwhile, the George family's wrongful-death suit drags on with no end in sig
July 27
Anne Marie Aikins | An inquiry into fatal gun violence isn't what Toronto's black populace needs. Reparation and change will only come when government is compelled to compensate the black community for the consequences
July 27
Rory Carroll | A Roman daily newspaper reported that right-wing thugs employed as Italian police officers were told by superiors they could brutalize the protesters detained in Genoa.
July 27
Arthur Nelson | When 400 armed NLA rebels were evacuated from Aaracinovo under a KFOR-sponsored peace deal in June, seventeen U.S. "instructors" were among them. Seventy per cent of the rebels' weaponry was of U.S.
July 27
Karen Flynn | John Singleton apparently wanted to do something revolutionary with his current film, Baby Boy. There's a cheating, lying guy who can't commit, women with little ambition and not much depth, and a dr
rabble news July 26
Erin George | Corporate media claimed only 100,000 demonstrated against the Group of Eight summit in Genoa, Italy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Over 300,000 marched on Saturday, despite the brutal kill
July 25
Nate Hendley | Tiny and largely irrelevant today, the Socialists used to be the most prominent "third party" in America. But the party is attracting new members as of late, many of whom are quite young.
rabble news July 24
Raymond J. Parker | As the titans of "turbo-capitalism" slam history's clock into reverse, returning us to the days of extreme class polarization, the pioneers are there with us, lighting the way forward, through clouds
July 23
Barry Shell | Like vast forests, or the radio and TV airwaves, domain space is a free, virtually limitless public resource. But like those resources, it can be exploited for huge profit. The Canadian Internet Regi
July 20
Simon Jeffery | An anti-globalization demonstrator is today dead after being shot in the head by an Italian paramilitary trooper during riots close to the G8 summit venue in Genoa. According to reports he was run ov
July 20
Joe Conason | On one side of a court case: the Canadian company Barrick Gold Mining. On the other side: the U.K.'s Guardian Newspapers. At issue: "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy," a column by investigative repor
July 20
Alejandro Bustos | In case you haven't heard, the U.S. government is hiring private American firms to fight its drug war in South America. Some say it amounts to hiring mercenaries. Critics of "outsourcing" - a term us
July 19
Finn Harvor | People think fatness is a choice, something you can change. They think if you're fat you lack willpower. My mom was fat. But she kept struggling with it. So I guess she projected a lot of her ambival
rabble news July 19
Erin George | International public protest has forced the French government to get the Globalise Resistance train back on schedule. The county's state-run railway had cancelled the trip. Now, 450 anti-corporate-gl
rabble news July 18
Erin George | The Globalise Resistance train headed to Genoa, Italy was scheduled to depart from Calais, France, on the morning of July 18. Then French authorities cancelled the trip Evidently, the G8 leaders' com
July 18
Murray Dobbin | Will New Zealand join the North American Free Trade Agreement? Not if it takes a hard look at what the deal did for Canada.
July 17
Laura Hershey | During a TV appearance not so long ago, Jerry Lewis said "cripples in wheelchairs" should stay home if they didn't want pity. It's one more notorious example of his contempt for people with disabilit
July 16
Marina Jiménez | Demonstrators at the G8 summit will employ weapons in keeping with Genoa's medieval past, though the use of catapults could be seen as playing to the media.
rabble news July 16
Judy MacDonald | Some of our <i></i> readers have asked us what the heck is going on. They want to know our diabolical plans, our financial fate, about our schemes for
July 13
Theresa Williams | Each day since my return to Washington, D.C., I have witnessed a draconian shift towards intolerance and oppression more than ever before in American society. It comes in the forms of gentrification,
July 13
Paul Richter | Antimissile tests will force action "within months, not years." White House argues landmark treaty has outlived its usefulness.
July 13
Contributor | The real price of prisons. There are more people behind bars in the United States today than ever before. Since 1980, the inmate population has more than quadrupled to 2 million - an unprecedented ex