opinion March 26
Peace River, 2018. Image credit: Garth Lenz. Used with permission
Ana Simeon | West Moberly First Nations will be in court March 29 and 30 to request BC Hydro and B.C. government documents that provide key information about the Site C dam project.
rabble interview March 25
Author image: Miguel Tremblay/Wikimedia Commons
Chelsea Nash | Karen Messing's new book is an intervention into the sex- and gender-based challenges of work.
politics March 25
Craig Kielburger Marc Kielburger in 2008. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons
Karl Nerenberg | Craig and Marc Kielburger, the two brothers who founded WE Charity, have decided to play aggressive offence as they push back against the members of Parliament investigating them.
opinion March 24
Image credit: Save the Children
Danny Glenwright | Child, early and forced marriage represents one of the worst forms of gender-based violence, a violation of human rights against young women and girls, affecting more than 650 million worldwide.
opinion March 23
Detention centre fencing in Australia. Image credit: David Stanley/Wikimedia Commons
Justin Mohammed, Marisa Berry Mendéz | In the past year, detainees at the Immigration Holding Centre in Laval, Quebec have resorted to hunger strikes on three previous occasions, with the most recent taking place in past weeks.
opinion March 22
National Assembly of Quebec. Image: Paul VanDerWerf/Flickr
Saskia de Boer, Stefan Christoff, Ehab Lotayef | In Quebec, we regard our Charter of Rights and Freedoms as proof of our commitment to equality and justice, but we must also reckon with the fact that we have recently fallen short.
rabble news March 22
Jeremy Corbyn speaks in Manchester, November 2019. Image credit: Jeremy Corbyn/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Jeremy Corbyn spoke with hundreds of Canadians this past weekend, in an online event organized to raise funds for Progressive International.
opinion March 19
Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau. Image credit: Estonian Foreign Ministry/Flickr
Yves Engler | A growing number of voices are criticizing Canadian policy in Haiti. On Monday a petition to be read in Parliament will shine a light on the historical roots of the issue.
analysis March 17
Person with Uber Eats backpack. Image credit: Robert Anasch/Unsplash
Chelsea Nash | Uber has invested hundreds of millions into avoiding the reclassification of its workers as "employees" worldwide.
opinion March 17
George VI and Queen Elizabeth greet chieftains of the Stoney Indian Tribe in Calgary, who have brought a photo of Queen Victoria, 1939. Image credit: National Film Board of Canada/Wikimedia Commons
Aidan Simardone | Going from a monarchy to a republic would not affect Canada's treaties with Indigenous people. To argue otherwise is to argue against Indigenous sovereignty.
rabble news March 16
Health-care workers in South Africa receive COVID-19 vaccine, February 2021. Image credit: GovernmentZA/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | A new report looking at the inequitable worldwide distribution of vaccines points its finger at Canada as typical of "unseemly and unfair vaccine grabs" by wealthy countries.
opinion March 15
Free Palestine Protest on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, 2014. Image credit: Tony Webster/Flickr
Jonathan Kuttab | If Canada is serious about promoting justice for Palestine, it needs to break out of the conventional paradigm and seek out a policy based on its own principles and ethics.
opinion March 10
Free Palestine Protest on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, 2014. Image credit: Tony Webster/Flickr
Yves Engler | The reaction to an upcoming event that NDP MP Niki Ashton has organized with former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn suggests Israel lobby groups fear progressive challenges to the status quo.
analysis March 10
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, riding in a landau (carriage) during their royal tour, Ottawa, 1957. Image credit: Rosemary Gilliat Eaton/BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives via Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Isn't it time we cut the apron strings with the British Empire, once and for all?
opinion March 9
Trillium Health Partners vaccination clinic in Peel, University of Toronto Mississauga Campus. Image credit: Premier of Ontario Photography/Flickr
Evelyn Lazare | Why are people in Canada still waiting for vaccines, when countries all over the world are far ahead of us in putting shots in arms?
opinion March 8
Person wearing mask looks out window. Image credit: Hedgehog Digital/Unsplash
Sylvia Bashevkin | On International Women's Day, a year into this pandemic, Canada and the world face a major she-curity crisis -- which deepens long-standing patterns that disadvantaged women long before the pandemic.
opinion March 5
Young person looking out a window. Image credit: Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash
Benjamin Rempel | As we approach the one-year mark of navigating a pandemic, Canadian adults owe children an apology.
politics March 5
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, February 16, 2021. Image credit: Adam Scotti/PMO
Karl Nerenberg | The current Liberal minority has arguably been working quite well, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
opinion March 3
Image credit: Catholic Church England and Wales/Flickr
Carl Hétu | Despite a pandemic, political instability and rumours of threats to his life, Pope Francis is going to Iraq from March 5 to 8.
opinion March 2
Berta Cáceres. Image credit: UN Environment/Wikimedia Commons
Tracy Glynn | Activist Berta Cáceres would likely look at the inequalities that COVID-19 has made more visible and still demand more of the activists concerned about climate change and forced migration.
rabble news March 2
Worker cleans street in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. Image credit: Josh Berson/BC Labour Heritage Centre
Chelsea Nash | "COVID Chronicles" is preserving workers' experiences for future historians.
opinion March 1
Niki Ashton. Photo courtesy of Niki Ashton
Niki Ashton | As progressives, we must find ways to build solidarity at home and around the world, work with movements and activists who share our values and put forward a bold vision for our collective future.
opinion March 1
Bob Gallagher. Image courtesy of Bob Gallagher
Libby Davies | Libby Davies pays tribute to activist and organizer Bob Gallagher, talking to her friend and colleague about the moment 40 years ago when everything changed for Toronto's LGBTQ community.
opinion February 25
Image: Screenshot of film trailer
Kim Ives | The film provides a devastating analysis of the last four decades of Haitian history and the collusion between Washington, Ottawa, and Paris in Haiti's domination and exploitation.
opinion February 25
Indian soldiers, Kashmir, 2012. Image credit: flowcomm/Flickr
Karen Rodman | While on its surface, the restoration of 4G internet in Kashmir seems like positive news, it raises some questions, including: why now, and why would mainstream media pick up this story?
politics February 25
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons, September 2020. Image credit: Adam Scotti/PMO
Karl Nerenberg | The purpose of the NDP's pharmacare bill was to advance a process to which the Trudeau government claims it is fully committed. And yet the governing Liberals voted against it.
in their own words February 24
Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth, Dr. Amy Tan (L-R). Image courtesy of authors
Nili Kaplan-Myrth, Amy Tan | Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth brought together a group of health-care experts and advocates to talk with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about disparities in access to COVID-19 vaccine across Canada.
opinion February 23
Man holds sign reading "United Against Islamophobia." Image credit: Felton Davis/Wikimedia Commons
Ehab Lotayef | It is only when the people lead that the politicians will follow. Now we need to keep pushing Canada's politicians to continue fighting against Islamophobia.
arts/media February 23
Unveiling of mural of Daisy Sweeney in Montreal's Little Burgundy neighbourhood, 2018. Image credit: Karl Nerenberg/rabble.ca
Karl Nerenberg | A new Heritage Minute marking Black History Month puts the spotlight on jazz pianist Oscar Peterson. Before he rose to prominence, the musician had an important early mentor: his sister Daisy.
opinion February 22
Inauguration of new president of Haiti in 2017. Image credit: United Nations Photo/Flickr
Yves Engler | As Haiti's neo-Duvalierist regime becomes ever more dictatorial it's worth revisiting Canada's history in facilitating fraud and money laundering in the hemisphere's most impoverished nation.