rabble news October 28
Image: Stephen Weppler/Flickr
Chelsea Nash | Unifor leadership and workers have questions about why police intervened when there was no injunction preventing picketing at a Weston's Bakery location.
rabble news October 27
Image: Victor Avdeev/Unsplash
Chelsea Nash | Advocates are lobbying for federal legislation that would qualify many app-based gig workers as "employees."
opinion October 27
Guy Smith, president of the AUPE, addresses the media outside of the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton (Image: Courtesy of ProgressReport.ca)
David J. Climenhaga | Infuriated at the Kenney government's determination to lay off public sector health-care workers and privatize their jobs, members of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees walked off the job.
analysis October 27
Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner. Image: Video screenshot
Karl Nerenberg | Members of Parliament are supposed to be more than rubber stamps for the government. It should be possible for MPs to do their job while the crucial work to fight the pandemic continues unimpeded.
opinion October 26
Premier Jason Kenney at a public announcement in Calgary on October 9, 2020. Image: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr
Eric Strikwerda | By any reasonable measure, nearly everything the Kenney government has touched has turned into a stinky disaster.
rabble interview October 26
Author image: Marko Kovacevic​
Alexandra Valahu | Although the world Hernandez builds in her new novel "Crosshairs" has been described as sci-fi and dystopian, it looks a lot like the one we live in right now.
opinion October 23
Map from 1962 showing the range of nuclear missiles based in Cuba. Image: Wikimedia Commons
Ed Finn | October 27, 1962, was by far the most dangerous day in human history -- the day the world came perilously close to being devastated by a nuclear holocaust that could have killed three billion people.
opinion October 23
MP Iqra Khalid during the public forum on October 22 to consider Canada's policy in regard to Kashmir. Image: Screenshot of Facebook video
Karen Rodman | Since August 5, 2019, India has illegally annexed the territory, downgraded its status and put the Valley of Kashmir under siege.
opinion October 22
Image: Joel Muniz/Unsplash
Jade Guthrie | The first food bank opened its doors in Alberta in 1981 as a "temporary" measure to address food insecurity. But many still rely on them 40 years later.
analysis October 22
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. Image: Video screenshot
Karl Nerenberg | The hubris of the federal Liberals and Conservatives brought Canada to the brink of an election, just a year after the last one -- and during the second wave of a pandemic.
rabble news October 21
Image: CUPE
Chelsea Nash | Sixty union jobs have been lost in Bowmanville, Ontario, amid a pandemic crisis in long-term care homes.
opinion October 20
Trudeau announcing support for Black entrepreneurs at a press conference in September 2020. Image: CanadianPM/Twitter
Yafet Tewelde | The normalizing of whiteness through the conflation of all non-white groups under the term "racialized" is endemic to how racism operates in Canada.
analysis October 20
Moderate living fishery fleet. Image: Courtesy Sipeknekatik
Karl Nerenberg | The RCMP has called in reinforcements from other provinces, but will the police recognize that the Indigenous fishers are the law-abiding people here, while their tormentors are the criminals?
opinion October 19
Israeli soldiers pictured in 2016. Image: Dennis Jarvis/Flickr
Bianca Mugyenyi | There have been as many as 230 Canadians in the Israeli army at any one time. It is unclear how many of these individuals were recruited in ways that may have violated the Foreign Enlistment Act.
rabble news October 16
Alberta Minister of Health Tyler Shandro pictured in May 2020. Image: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr
Chelsea Nash | Alberta union leaders are in daily communication with one another, something they say is beyond the norm.
opinion October 15
Natural Resources Minister Seamus O'Regan, pictured in September 2020. Image: Seamus O'Regan/Twitter
Susan O'Donnell | Now that federal funds are flowing for new nuclear reactors, it is certain that climate activists will be refining their strategies and demands for genuine climate action.
rabble news October 14
Minister Marc Miller pictured in June 2020. Image: Marc Miller/Twitter
Karl Nerenberg | First Nations communities will be safer when federal and provincial governments adopt a fulsome recognition of First Nations' right to run their own affairs.
opinion October 13
Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews. Image: David J. Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | Finance Minister Travis Toews fired off an intemperate press release last week attacking the nurses' union for refusing to agree to put off contract negotiations until after the COVID-19 crisis.
opinion October 11
Stephen Harper with his son, Ben, back in 2015. Image: Stephen Harper/Facebook
David J Climenhaga | The former Conservative prime minister's 24-year-old son landed a job as a "junior policy advisor" in Kenney's office for a cool $100,000 or so a year.
analysis October 9
Foodora worker and organizer Ivan Ostos. Image: Tess Siksay
Chelsea Nash | Unions, lawyers and a variety of workers are pursuing different legal avenues to have gig workers' rights recognized under the Employment Standards Act.
opinion October 9
Image: Markus Spiske/Unsplash
Emma Lui | Healing and addressing burnout is the missing piece that will enable our movements to continue to work for the liberation of all in a regenerative way.
opinion October 7
Sign at the RCMP headquarters in Surrey, B.C. Image: Waferboard/Flick
Jeff Shantz | All too often, even minimal details about police killings of civilians are not made public for months. Officers involved in such killings are typically shielded from public scrutiny.
rabble news October 7
Amy Greer pictured during this week's press conference. ​Image: Screenshot taken during this week's press conference.
Chelsea Nash | At a press conference hosted by four Ontario teacher unions, epidemiologists warned that autumn will bring higher rates of COVID-19 infection if changes are not implemented.
analysis October 7
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a press conference on October 1, 2020. Image: CanadianPM/Twitter
Karl Nerenberg | American lawmakers refer to emergency COVID measures as economic stimulus. In Canada, as in Europe, they are more likely to consider such measures to be simply social programs.
opinion October 6
Image: Ryan/Unsplash
Yves Engler | Is it appropriate for the Canadian government to promote arms exports? And why, with its love of scandal, does the dominant media not question this use of taxpayers' dollars?
analysis October 5
Annamie Paul, the new leader of the federal Green party. Image: Annamie Paul/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | In the current context, a reinvigorated Green party poses the biggest threat not to the Liberals but to the NDP.
opinion October 2
Algonquin defenders Cheryl Nottaway, Angelique Papatie, Tina Nottaway, Lisa Thomas, Kevin Decoursay, Angie Maranda and Shannon Chief. Image: Jonny Wright
Emma Lui | The Algonquins of Barrière Lake have set up peaceful camps and blockades to enforce a moratorium on moose hunting on their territory at La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve.
opinion October 2
Image: Darren Wanliss/Unsplash
Shane Martínez | Why is there a widespread refusal to acknowledge or depict migrant farmworkers in representations about agricultural produce?
opinion October 1
Image: KMR Photography/Flickr
Alexandra Zannis | Canada wasn't going to get UBI in the throne speech, but activists and supporters can continue to push for the basic income policies we want and need.
opinion September 30
Sask. NDP Leader Ryan Meili gives a press briefing in the lead up to the province's 2020 election. Image: Ryan Meili/Twitter
Jim Harding | Saskatchewan is today known as an "open for business" resource-exporting province, and the Saskatchewan NDP clearly doesn't know what to do.