rabble news May 10
PSAC members. Photo: PSAC Members Support Bargaining/Facebook
Zaid Noorsumar | The union's president says the Liberals' offer of a 1.5 per cent annual increase doesn't even account for the cost of inflation, and is lower than the raise given to members of Parliament this month.
analysis May 10
Protest against Quebec's Charter of Values in 2013. Photo: ibourgeault_tasse/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | When the majority of visible religious symbols in Quebec were Christian, nobody complained. But now that Islamic symbols have become more visible, it has suddenly become a matter of grave concern.
arts/media May 9
Derek Mascarenhas | "Coconut Dreams" follows the lives of the Pinto family as they immigrate from Goa, India, to Burlington, Canada, and tackle experiences of community and love, as well as racism and exclusion.
analysis May 7
Paul Manly. Photo: Green Party of Canada/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | Does the Green win mean Canadians might be much more serious about climate change than most politicians seem to think? Maybe, but one byelection does not tell the whole story.
rabble news May 6
People gather in Toronto on April 29, 2019 to commemorate the National Day of Mourning. Photo: Zaid Noorsumar
Zaid Noorsumar | Official statistics show close to 1,000 work-related deaths occur across Canada annually, but one research study estimates the real number is 10 to 13 times greater.
opinion May 6
Sharon McIvor and Lynn Gehl. Photo: Nikolaus K. Gehl
Lynn Gehl | The loss of Indian status registration makes Indigenous women more vulnerable to poverty, homelessness and sexual violence. It's time for the PM to do the right thing.
rabble news May 1
NDP MP Peter Julian. Photo: Peter Julian/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | There is currently no effective way for foreign victims of Canadian corporate malfeasance to pursue meaningful redress in Canadian courts. Vancouver-area NDP MP Peter Julian wants to change that.
analysis April 24
Dennis King. Photo: Dennis King/Twitter
Karl Nerenberg | The Greens have a right to feel pretty euphoric about the result, even if it fell short of pollsters' predictions, but what this will mean for Elizabeth May's federal Greens is difficult to say.
arts/media April 22
Caribou. Image: Dean Biggins
Julie Cruikshank | Indigenous communities are disproportionately affected by climate change. But Indigenous stories also suggest a different way of thinking about the natural world.
rabble news April 16
A mom and her newborn baby at the Maternal and Child Health Training Institute for medically needy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo: UN Photo/Kibae Park/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | In many parts of the world, infant and maternal mortality continue to be frightfully high, made worse by the persistent prevalence of child marriage and teen pregnancy.
analysis April 11
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Karl Nerenberg | The Liberals' just-announced change in refugee policy could have a devastating effect on thousands of vulnerable people. For some asylum seekers, it could, in fact, have life and death impact.
arts/media April 11
Suzanne Methot | Suzanne Methot's father was one of 20,000 orphaned children confined to psychiatric institutions in Quebec. In this excerpt from her new book, Methot uncovers her father's past.
analysis April 9
Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. Photo: Andrew Scheer/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Progressives in Canada have many good reasons to be disappointed with the Trudeau Liberal government, but the Conservative campaign of fear and panic against immigration and refugees is frightening.
analysis April 5
Then citizenship and immigration minister Jason Kenney at a 2012 press conference. Photo: Daily Xtra/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Kenney often points to the record number of Canadian immigrants when he was immigration minister, but he was not above appealing to prejudices and hatreds when it suited his political purposes.
rabble interview April 4
Vivek Shraya. Photo: Tanja Tiziana
Alexandra Valahu | The multidisciplinary artist spoke with Alexandra Valahu about her new graphic novel with Ness Lee, a portrayal of the death threats Shraya received over email.
rabble news March 29
Protest against Quebec's Charter of Values in 2013. Photo: ibourgeault_tasse/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Though the new law targets all religious symbols, many believe the goal is to demonize and persecute one identifiable minority group: Muslim women.
rabble news March 27
Photo: Carlos Adampol Galindo/Flickr
Fernando Arce | In Venezuela, socialist communes play a key role in the production and distribution of food. In recent weeks they have have also taken a more active role in the defence of the Bolivarian Revolution.
rabble news March 22
A Toronto rally for the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Photo: Marites N. Sison
Marites N. Sison | The rally was part of a co-ordinated action in over a dozen cities across Canada, including Montreal, Vancouver and Halifax.
rabble news March 21
Bill Morneau speaks at podium. Photo credit: Rosemary Frei
Rosemary Frei | John Tory's eye, like Bill Morneau's, appears to be squarely on boosting the share of the private sector in the benefits from the escalating building boom.
politics March 20
A Sears Canada store closing in 2017. Photo: jasonwoodhead23/flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Budget 2019 seems to say it guarantees payments to retirees even after bankrupt companies wind up their pension plans. Sounds too good to be true -- and it likely is!
politics March 20
Kara Manso, head of the Caregivers' Action Centre in Toronto. Photo: Marites N. Sison
Marites N. Sison | Although migrant worker groups across Canada welcomed the announcement of open work permits, they said the program still doesn't end exploitation since it denies workers landed status upon arrival.
politics March 7
Photo: Justin Trudeau/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | The prime minister finally addressed the SNC-Lavalin affair in detail today and came close to openly admitting that moving Wilson-Raybould out of the justice ministry might have been a mistake.
analysis March 6
Photo: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
Alex Cosh | NDP leader Jagmeet Singh's victory in the Burnaby South byelection last week followed an increasingly familiar pattern in electoral politics.
rabble interview March 4
Headshot of Emma Norton. Image: Emma Norton/Facebook
Sophia Reuss | Emma Norton, a 28-year-old climate activist, is throwing her hat in the ring for the NDP nomination in Dartmouth-Cole Harbour. Her policy priorities? A Canadian Green New Deal and grassroots politics.
rabble news February 28
 Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with media in the Foyer of the House of Commons. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Karl Nerenberg | The Trudeau government betrayed its promise of openness in the SNC-Lavalin affair. Conservatives were worse when in power, but are profiting. What about the NDP?
politics February 26
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. Photo: Wayne Polk/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | The NDP did better than expected on February 25 in both Burnaby South and Outremont. Andrew Scheer will now be having nightmares about Maxime Bernier.
arts/media February 21
Jean Walton | This excerpt from Jean Walton's new book "Mudflat Dreaming" chronicles how housing activists in 1970s Vancouver responded to the first UN Conference on Human Settlements.
politics February 19
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Karl Nerenberg | Justin Trudeau promised to reverse the trend, starting in his father's time, of centralizing power in the Prime Minister's Office. It does not look like he has lived up to that pledge.
politics February 18
Photo: Julia Sanchez pour Outremont/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | Recently passed deferred prosecution legislation might not apply to SNC-Lavalin, but the NDP's Julia Sanchez suggests how jobs and expertise could still be protected.
rabble news February 14
Image: PowerShift/Facebook
Sophia Reuss | Several hundred youth from across the country are gathering to scale up the youth movement around climate change ahead of the federal election. On their agenda? Indigenous rights and a Green New Deal.