rabble news September 4
Image: Alexis Fawn
Zaid Noorsumar | Toronto workers discuss the importance of #UniteAgainstRacism and what it means to them.
analysis September 4
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh at a Labour Day parade in Toronto. Image: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | History teaches that parties can survive all kinds of internal strife and turbulence to do quite well when the voting actually starts.
rabble series September 3
Jared Tailfeathers sits at a table in the Elders' Guidance Circle at the Calgary Public Library. The piece is one of several furnishings called "Tina Dik’iizh | clear road or clear trail," created by Glenna Cardinal, a Saddle Lake Cree Nation member. Image: Olivia Robinson/rabble
Olivia Robinson | Canadian libraries are trying to reconcile the institution's colonial history and how to address the needs of patrons previously neglected by the library -- including Indigenous peoples.
rabble news September 3
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marches with The Labourers International Union of North America during the Labour Day Parade in Hamilton, Ontario. Image: Filomena Tassi/Twitter
Zaid Noorsumar | While the jobs of most Canadians are governed by provincial law, some advocates believe the federal standards could set a new precedent for the provinces to emulate.
arts/media August 29
Christina Turner | We've compiled a list of 10 new books about work to peruse over the long weekend.
rabble series August 27
Aly Velji (left) and Rahma Hashi (right) participated in a packed panel discussion at the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference in January 2019. Image: Olivia Robinson/rabble
Olivia Robinson | The Toronto Public Library is continually looking to extend its reach beyond its four walls to connect with people, including those who may never have stepped inside the library before.
rabble news August 26
Locked-out USW workers picketing in Sudbury, Ontario. Image: USW
Zaid Noorsumar | Health and safety is a critical issue for personal support workers who face risks at work, but can't fall back on sick days in the event of an injury.
rabble news August 22
The Mearns Centre at the University of Victoria. Image: Page DeWolfe/Flickr
Zaid Noorsumar | Job security is the main goal for the 450 sessional lecturers and music instructors currently in negotiations with the university.
rabble series August 20
The new central branch of the Calgary Public Library is 240,000 square feet and has more than 600,000 items in its collection. Image: Olivia Robinson/rabble
Olivia Robinson | Public libraries are changing how they serve vulnerable and marginalized patrons -- and proving that they're home to more than just books.
rabble news August 15
Image: Toronto Disaster Relief Committee
Cathy Crowe | In this excerpt from her new memoir, Cathy Crowe recounts how, in the late 1990s, she and fellow Toronto housing activists fought homelessness by erecting prefabricated housing on undeveloped land.
analysis August 14
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. Photo: Obert Madondo/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Many Canadians perceive our system to be more socialized than it actually is, because they think of health care only as doctors' visits and hospitalization.
rabble series August 13
Photo: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay
Olivia Robinson | As libraries across Canada face mounting challenges and funding cuts, the question asked by skeptics is the same: does the public library still matter?
rabble news July 31
Photo: SEIU
Zaid Noorsumar | Spokesperson says that while non-profits and municipal homes invest money back into homes and better employee pay, private homes use surplus funds for profits.
rabble news July 26
Farm workers, care workers, migrant rights groups and anti-racism activists marched in June to call attention to the plight of Canada's temporary foreign workers. Photo: Marites Sison
Marites N. Sison | Hundreds of farm labourers, care workers and anti-racism activists marched on the streets of downtown Toronto to call attention to the plight of all migrant workers across Canada.
rabble news July 25
Downtown Vancouver. Photo: Magnus Larsson/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | The big takeaway is that a society cannot count on the private sector alone to provide rental housing. The government must play a major role.
in their own words July 24
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May at a Trans Mountain pipeline protest on Burnaby Mountain. Photo: Elizabeth May/Facebook
Elizabeth May | The stakes are too large for a typical political cop-out. Greens will never agree to support any government that fails to address the climate emergency.
analysis July 22
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. Photo: Laurel L. Russwurm/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Before voters take her seriously, the Green leader must be frank and clear about what her newfound willingness to partner with the Scheer Conservatives would mean in practice.
rabble news July 12
Locked out janitorial staff. Photo: Zaid Noorsumar
Zaid Noorsumar | Employer demands concessions from low-wage workers. Their last contract expired on March 31.
rabble news July 9
Canada Post delivery truck. Photo: Open Grid Scheduler/Flickr
Zaid Noorsumar | Read what happened last week in the Canadian labour movement in rabble's roundup for July 9, 2019.
rabble news July 4
Image: kai kalhh/Pixabay
Zaid Noorsumar | The Green New Deal is premised on the need for rapid and far-reaching changes. There is no choice but to take bold action -- and to transform the way the Canadian government functions.
rabble news June 26
Image: Alexas_Fotos/Pixabay
Zaid Noorsumar | Read what happened last week in the Canadian labour movement in rabble's roundup for June 26, 2019.
analysis June 24
Quebec's national assembly. Photo: Daniel Szpiro/Flickr
Karl Nerenberg | Although the CAQ's Law 21 has been passed, the battle is not over.
analysis June 21
Jagmeet Singh. Photo: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | The NDP has released its full set of election campaign commitments early, in the hope that those policy proposals will become a key part of the national conversation leading up to the October vote.
rabble news June 20
PSAC. Photo: PSAC/Facebook
Zaid Noorsumar | Read what happened last week in the Canadian labour movement in rabble's roundup for June 20, 2019.
rabble news June 20
John Clapp | Clapp details his recent experience of homelessness and the four catch-22s that make it nearly impossible to find affordable housing in the country's most expensive city.
analysis June 18
Closing ceremony of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Photo: Justin Trudeau/Twitter
Karl Nerenberg | The hullabaloo over the inquiry's use of the word genocide has obscured its broader message, and that is more than a pity. It is a tragedy.
rabble news June 17
LGBTQ refugee claimants take part in the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto's peer support group meeting, where they learn about available community services, receive an orientation about the city, and meet other refugees or claimants. Photo: Courtesy of MCC.
Marites N. Sison | The effects of these cuts will be "severe -- both for the individuals affected and for the justice system," says Toronto-based lawyer.
analysis June 14
Premier Doug Ford. Photo: Ford Nation/Facebook
Paul Barber | A deeply unpopular provincial regime can harm the prospects of its federal counterpart, a clear and present danger for Andrew Scheer.
rabble news June 12
Photo: Doug Ford/Twitter
Zaid Noorsumar | Read what happened last week in the Canadian labour movement in rabble's roundup for June 12, 2019.
analysis June 12
General Jonathan Vance. Photo: NATO/Flickr
Bruce Moncur | Chief of the Defence Staff Jonathan Vance's record speaks for itself.