Sep 20
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Image: Justin Trudeau/Twitter/Screenshot
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has apologized for wearing blackface when he was a teacher and a student. Individualizing blackface incidents overlooks the larger problem of anti-Black racism.
Sep 18
Image: Gary Knight/Flickr
We must do everything in our power to ensure that future generations have a livable future, with clean air, drinkable water, healthy food, biodiverse life and a stable climate.
Sep 17
 Image: Olivia Robinson/rabble
Amid an opioid crisis that claimed 4,460 lives last year in Canada, some libraries are arming themselves with naloxone in an effort to save their patrons' lives.
Sep 16
Image: Screenshot/Maclean's/Youtube
Scheer wants to present a reassuring and non-threatening face to voters; Singh stays on message; and May speaks her mind.
Sep 13
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. Image: University of the Fraser Valley/Flickr
We should consider this election a privilege. For the first time, the top issue in voters' minds is the main threat not only to Canada but to organized human life: environmental crisis.
Sep 12
Image: Wab Kinew/Facebook
The good news was that although the total number of NDP seats only rose by four over the last election, many more new NDP MLAs were elected, and NDP Leader Wab Kinew acquitted himself well.
Sep 11
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Image: Adam Scotti/PMO
Now that we're in a new election campaign, it might be instructive to look back and see how many promises the Liberal government kept.
Sep 10
Image: Olivia robinson/rabble
To move forward with reconciliation in the library, more Indigenous librarians are needed at higher levels to create spaces for the revitalization and renaissance of Indigenous cultures.
Sep 9
Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna. Image: Chatham House/Flickr
Use of violent and abusive language on social media, sometimes translating into actual violence, is becoming a particular problem for women in politics, especially progressive women.
Sep 6
Image: Peter Hershey/Unsplash
Linguistic issues do not make headlines every day, but the struggles of communities working together to bring greater attention to the concerns of ethno-cultural minorities are very real.
Sep 5
Image: Sebastian Dooris/Flickr
Rocky Petkov, organizer with Extinction Rebellion Toronto, talks about ER's approach to the climate crisis, and how it’s different from ER Europe.
Sep 4
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh at a Labour Day parade in Toronto. Image: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
History teaches that parties can survive all kinds of internal strife and turbulence to do quite well when the voting actually starts.
Sep 3
Jared Tailfeathers sits at a table in the Elders' Guidance Circle at the Calgary Public Library. The piece is one of several furnishings called "Tina Dik’iizh | clear road or clear trail," created by Glenna Cardinal, a Saddle Lake Cree Nation member. Image: Olivia Robinson/rabble
Canadian libraries are trying to reconcile the institution's colonial history and how to address the needs of patrons previously neglected by the library -- including Indigenous peoples.
Aug 30
Andrew Scheer speaks to crowd. Image: Andrew Scheer/Flickr
The term "affordability" hides the stasis or fallback of the last 40 years and the failure of neoliberalism to deliver even a sustained status quo.
Aug 29
Graffiti art depicting millionaire character from Monopoly game. Image: Sean Davis/Flickr
A wealth tax has received little media coverage -- beyond denunciations in the National Post, which surely has nothing to do with the fact the media is largely owned by billionaires.
Aug 28
Image: Roy/Flickr
I'm not seeing much evidence that adults are any better at making political decisions than young people. So many grown-ups are electing politicians who don't even accept climate science.
Aug 27
Aly Velji (left) and Rahma Hashi (right) participated in a packed panel discussion at the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference in January 2019. Image: Olivia Robinson/rabble
The Toronto Public Library is continually looking to extend its reach beyond its four walls to connect with people, including those who may never have stepped inside the library before.
Aug 23
Ontario Premier Doug Ford announcing funding for road project in Pelham. Image: Premier of Ontario Photography/Flickr
This week, Ontario's education minister announced that the province's sex-ed program was going back to the future. The new curriculum would be almost identical to the 2015 curriculum.
Aug 22
Elections Canada poll sign. Image: Dennis Sylvester Hurd/Flickr
Ready or not, we are embarking on an experiment to see whether Harper's legacy of election laws can support an actual election. For example, take the ethics commissioner.
Aug 21
Image: Vladvictoria/Pixabay
Nearly any democratic institution in Canada is susceptible to manipulation by corporate interests, making claims about serving the "public interest" or "public security" highly dubious.
Aug 20
The new central branch of the Calgary Public Library is 240,000 square feet and has more than 600,000 items in its collection. Image: Olivia Robinson/rabble
Public libraries are changing how they serve vulnerable and marginalized patrons -- and proving that they're home to more than just books.
Aug 19
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Image: Government of Alberta/Flickr
The changes, and the way they were made, are harbingers of both how radical the UCP program is likely to be and the shock strategy it will use to implement them.
Aug 16
Police tape. Image: British Columbia Emergency Photography/Flickr
Why do we tolerate certain actions when it comes to violating the rights of Muslims but hate groups get a free pass no matter how violent the ideologies they espouse?
Aug 14
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. Photo: Obert Madondo/Flickr
Many Canadians perceive our system to be more socialized than it actually is, because they think of health care only as doctors' visits and hospitalization.
Aug 13
Photo: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay
As libraries across Canada face mounting challenges and funding cuts, the question asked by skeptics is the same: does the public library still matter?
Aug 12
Photo: Brent Patterson
Peace Brigades International visited The Pines in 1991 and takes note of the escalating tensions over land ownership in 2019.
Aug 9
Former prime minister Stephen Harper in 2013. Photo: michael_swan/Flickr
n Harper is still writing the conservative playbook. The clues are everywhere, as Harper makes stops on his tour of the rubber-chicken circuit.
Aug 8
Pro-choice activists stage counter-protest. Photo: Zhu/Flickr
Canada's pro-choice movement is in good fighting form, and stronger than ever. That's the undeniable conclusion after living through ongoing anti-choice activity over the last three months.
Aug 7
Image: Dunk/Flickr
Those who continue to spread doubt and confusion about climate science are starting to look even more ridiculous with their many conflicting, insubstantial arguments.
Aug 6
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Photo: David J. Climenhaga
Being exposed as a politician willing to put our country's future at risk isn't a good look for a guy who still harbours his own prime ministerial ambitions.