Aug 3
Some anti-Site C signage on the Boon family's farm. Image: Ken Boon/Used with permission
The West Moberly First Nations has launched an epic court case seeking to halt the dam which will be heard in 2022. A recent B.C. Supreme Court win by Blueberry River First Nations bodes well.
Jul 30
Israeli Defense Forces fly the Israel flag in Gaza. Image: Israeli Defense Forces/Flickr
Today Palestinian-Canadian refugee Khaled Mouammar and Rabbi David Mivasair submitted a formal legal complaint to the CRA concerning the charitable status of the Canadian Zionist Cultural Association.
Jul 29
WHO director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a COVID-19 related meeting in 2020. Image: GovernmentZA/Flickr
International co-operation led to the creation of vaccines. A capitalist, neoliberal global order has led to extreme vaccine disparity.
Jul 27
A Canadian Air Force F-18 Hornet jet escorting a Russian TU-95 Bear heavy bomber out of Canadian airspace in 2007. Image: U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. Cecilio M. Ricardo J
New warplanes may signal a willingness to extract 90 billion barrels of oil from the Arctic as climate change enables northern extractivism.
Jul 26
Construction at Muskrat Falls in 2015. Image: Government of Newfoundland and Labrador/Flickr
For over four years, Inuit and Innu water and land defenders were delivered a clear message through the barrel of a gun: you will be indefinitely jailed if you protect your traditional territories.
Jul 23
Manitoba Hydro Place, Winnipeg. Image: joevare/Flickr
Last summer, Manitoba Hydro began the flooding of 45 square kilometers of Cree lands at the massive Keeyask dam, which the energy utility solemnly acknowledges will result in ecological devastation.
Jul 22
Image: Fairy Creek Blockade/Rainforest Flying Squad/Used with permission
The value in the forests does not lie only in how much profit the lumber itself turns, but primarily in the everlasting ecological value the old forests provide by nature.
Jul 21
Toronto police and security personnel are seen through an orange fence during the eviction. Image: Rafi Aaron/Used with permission
Toronto's mayor John Tory continues to defy international public health guidelines to not evict encampments and employ a human rights approach.
Jul 20
A 2018 wildfire on B.C.'s Highway 97. Image: B.C.'s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure/Flickr
If strategies like reducing one's carbon footprint, voting for the climate, or persuading profiteers with subsidies aren't working, we shouldn't hold to them nonetheless, but seek more effective ones.
Jul 19
U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Donald R. Allen/Wikimedia Commons
As the U.S. and U.K. look at reducing the number of F-35s they buy because of sustainment costs, the Canadian government appears to be silent on this crucial budget line.
Jul 16
Black and white photo of lockers and an empty hallway. Image: Ryan McGilchrist/Flickr
This one weird trick prevents ruined lives and unlocks massive productivity for society.
Jul 15
Mohamed Harkat. Image: Justice for Mohamed Harkat/Facebook
Instead of sending people to jail, Canada now brings the jail to you.
Jul 14
Single-use plastic straws, which could be banned by the end of 2021. Image: Chemist 4 U/Flickr
In May, Canada added some plastic items to the list of toxic substances under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. Within days, the plastics industry filed an application for a lawsuit.
Jul 13
Taxi sign. Image: Emanuele/Flickr
Many of Winnipeg's Indigenous women have a story about harassment at the hands of drivers, most commonly about cabbies proposing "another way to pay." Ikwe set out to change that.
Jul 12
Jason Kenney flips pancakes at the Calgary Stampede today. Image: Chris Schwarz/Government of Alberta/Flickr
It's astonishing that a hard-line market-fundamentalist party like the UCP doesn't seem to understand the law of supply and demand.
Jul 9
Assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moïse. Image: Karla Sepúlveda/Presidencia República Dominicana​/Flickr
Jovenel Moïse was a violent and corrupt tyrant. While his passing may not elicit much sympathy, the Haitian president's assassination should not be celebrated.
Jul 8
A historical image featuring Muslim pioneers in Canada. Image: Minarets on the horizon: Muslim pioneers in Canada book cover
In these tragic times when being a visible Muslim in Canada may kill you, Murray Hogben's book about stories of early Muslim settlers in Canada is relevant and timely.
Jul 7
An old-growth forest in Oregon. Image: David Patte/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
More than 352 forest defenders have now been arrested at the Fairy Creek blockades in B.C. since mid-May.
Jul 6
A distance to the Canadian border sign in Minnesota. Image: Tony Webster/Flickr
While Canada has been long praised for its asylum generosity towards refugees, the federal government's approach towards seekers during the pandemic has violated human rights.
Jul 5
Ottawa Police Services filming a gathering of some 8,000 people mourning the loss of Indigenous children. Image: Brent Patterson/Used with permission
The surveillance of racialized peoples has a long history and technology is now further enabling the erosion of the right to peaceful assembly.
Jun 30
No justice on stolen Native land. Image: Jason Hargrove/Flickr.
How do we turn upset into action?
Jun 29
Justin Trudeau during the 2015 election campaign. Image: Cannabis Culture/Flickr
Canada has a hard long road to recovery -- and an election right now just isn't part of it.
Jun 28
The Holland Marsh. Image: Kaarina Dillabough/Flickr
AECOM's preliminary design environmental assessment -- as commissioned by the Ontario government -- will play a significant role in the project's future.
Jun 25
Minister of Crown Indigenous Relations Carolyn Bennett. Image: Juan Manuel Herrera/OAS
When you are a minister and the people whom you are supposed to look out for utterly lose confidence in you, it is hard to see how you can carry on.
Jun 24
Toronto police line up in Trinity Bellwoods park on June 22 to evict the homeless. Image credit: Leilani Farha
This week's militarized operation to evict two dozen people from a Toronto park shows the huge failure of Toronto City Council and its mayor to achieve the human right to housing.
Jun 23
An illustration by Syrus Marcus Ware. Used with permission
Bringing politics, art, and multigenerational connection into the world we are creating
Jun 22
Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland after introducing Budget 2021. Image credit: The Office of the Prime Minister
Why bother having a fixed-date election law if no one will heed it?
Jun 21
Kinda and Zaina in the rubble of Gaza, hoping to reunite with their mother and two younger siblings in Canada after over 2 years of separation. Image used with permission.
Last month, UN secretary general António Guterres declared: "If there is a hell on earth, it is the lives of children in Gaza."
Jun 18
A syringe and needle. Image credit: Bicanski/Pixnio.
With new variants developing rapidly, Canadians can expect that an annual booster for COVID-19 will become a routine part of preventive health care.
Jun 18
Senator Ratna Omidvar. Image credit: Boris Baldinger/World Economic Forum/Flickr
Don't let Bill S-222 -- which seeks to eliminate mandated racist and colonial ways of engaging with communities -- die on the order paper.