Aug 31
A Canadian delegation has just arrived in Honduras, bringing solidarity to the resistance against the coup d'etat regime that removed President Zelaya on June 28.
Aug 28
Manitoba NDP Premier Gary Doer, seen here at a press conference with the 'Governator,' has stepped down and accepted the job of Canada's Ambassador to the U.S.
Aug 27
At a recent celebration of Canadian medicare, former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow and others had a message for Americans about public health care.
Aug 26
Toronto band Elliott Brood is featured in this week's installment of Indie Inside on rabbletv.
Aug 25
Canada has lost a legendary activist for peace, women's rights and social justice. Muriel Duckworth, seen above at her centennial birthday last fall, passed away at the age of 100.
Aug 24
"This is the big enchilada. This is about the thing that dominates all our lives -- the economy. I made this movie as if it was going to be the last movie I was allowed to make."
Aug 20
MP Libby Davies witnessed scenes like this in Gaza on a recent delegation. Thursday evening, guest Dr. Mazen Masri took your questions on Israel-Palestine LIVE on rabbletv.
Aug 19
While this week's election in Afghanistan makes headlines, a documentary project encourages North Americans to rethink the war.
Aug 17
Car Free Sundays are a big hit in Toronto's Kensington Market -- part of a growing movement to take back city space for cyclists and pedestrians. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Aug 16
The NDP's federal convention finished up Sunday in Halifax. Nova Scotia's NDP Premier Darrell Dexter was one of the stars of the weekend.
Aug 14
Vancouver's Little Mountain social housing has been boarded up and around the few remaining families that refuse to leave as developers wait to tear it down.
Aug 13
'You Ask' invites news makers and leaders of social movements to answer questions that you ask. Tune in to rabbletv tonight at 8p.m. EST, when you can help interview Bruce Campbell of the CCPA.
Aug 13
In July, all TD Centre workers were abruptly terminated when Cadillac Fairview decided to enter into a permanent agreement with third party service providers.
Aug 12
Social movement activists made some noise outside the Guadalajara Summit, but their concerns were not reflected in the leaders' statement.
Aug 10
The Latin American Solidarity Network (LASN) rallied in Toronto on Saturday, condemning the military coup d’etat in Honduras and what they called U.S. involvement and support for a dictatorship.
Aug 7
Harper travels to Mexico this weekend to meet with Presidents Obama and Calderon. Other than enjoying a photo-op with a more popular leader, it's unclear what's on the PM's agenda for Guadalajara.
Aug 5
Lalo 'motor mouth' Espejo and Patrick 'patrick' Pennefather present their commentary on Canadian Health Care to counter Republican darling, Shona Holmes.
Aug 3
No pride in occupation
Hundreds of thousands celebrated Pride 2009 in Vancouver Sunday. This statue of Stephen Harper was the closest any Conservative MPs got to the parade. (Photo: Susan Stout)
Jul 24
We're extending our special membership offer through the end of the first week of August -- join today!
Jul 23
Antoine, Laura Bari's award-winning first film, delves into the real and fantasy life of a five-year-old blind boy in Montreal.
Jul 22
From South Korea, Sheila Bocchine captures a solar eclipse viewed by millions in Asia. (
Jul 21
Toronto city workers' strike enters week five with no end in sight.
Jul 20
11,000 residents in and around the district of West Kelowna have been forced to leave their homes as forest fires spread.
Jul 17
He was deported from Canada and then did a year in the brig for resisting the war in Iraq. On Thursday Robin Long and supporters celebrated his release in San Francisco. (Photo:
Jul 16
The Viva Palestina convoy has arrived. About 200 activists from the United States have entered Gaza, bringing supplies and solidarity.
Jul 15
CAIA, Women in Solidarity with Palestine and others come together to protest the Royal Ontario Museum's display of the Dead Sea Scrolls stolen from Palestine by the Israeli Antiquity Authorities.
Jul 14
At the centre of Digging Roots is the chemistry and songwriting of ShoShona Kish and Raven Kanatakta. The convergence of their styles creates Digging Roots’ sound.
Jul 13
Fifteen days on, and the struggle continues to reverse the coup d'etat in Honduras. (Photo: Sandra Cuffe)
Jul 10
On July 9, a press conference was held outside the Seaton House shelter in Toronto about an incident involving Brian DuBourdieu, who is currently homeless, and five city managers at the shelter.
Jul 8
In Rome, Oxfam took G8 leaders to task for fiddling while the world is engulfed in the flames of economic and ecological crisis. (Photo: Nicola Sacco/Oxfam)