Jan 13
In the wake of Haiti earthquake footage reveals devastation.
Jan 12
On Jan. 23 at demonstrations in over 30 communities across the country, Canadians will send a message in defence of Parliament.
Jan 11
Just one phone call...and poof it all goes away. (Image: JohnMacLennan.ca)
Jan 8
On Jan. 23 send Harper a message and join national rallies against proroguing parliament. (Photo: Citizens of Canada)
Jan 7
B.C. residents want to keep the oil tanker moratorium protecting their coastline, but the Harper government has made it disappear. (Photo: lx2yvr)
Jan 5
This week Citizens for Democracy launched a video calling for Canadians to fight back against the Harper Conservatives.
Jan 4
Protesters following the Olympic Torch Relay through downtown Toronto. (Photo: Sweet One)
Dec 30
Going pro-rogue. Harper prorogues Canadian Parliament...again.
Dec 18
It is gift giving season and we've made you something... happy holidays from rabble.ca.
Dec 17
Civil society organizations and delegates from countries from COP 15 "reclaim power" inside the Bella Center. (Photo: vanwaardenphoto.com)
Dec 16
Naomi Klein presents the Angry Mermaid award, set up to recognize the perverse role of corporate lobbyists. (Photo: Friends of the Earth - foei.org)
Dec 15
Toronto anti-poverty activists protest the public transit fare hikes due to take effect in January. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Dec 14
Thousands marched through Copenhagen on Saturday to demand action on climate change. (Photo: Ben Powless)
Dec 11
Hundreds of youth create a loud and energetic "climate storm" inside the Copenhagen climate talks at the UN. (Photo: vanWaardenphoto.com)
Dec 10
Activists from People for Climate Justice sitting-in at Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's office. (Photo: Canada Climate Justice)
Dec 9
A memorial vigil commemorated three more homeless deaths in Toronto during a monthly vigil held Tuesday. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Dec 8
May the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future visit Stephen Harper in his sleep and remind him of his appalling record on climate change. (Photo: www.shtig.net)
Dec 7
President Evo Morales has won a second-term in Bolivia's presidential election. (Photo: Joe Alvarez)
Dec 7
Supporters of the coalition created by Jack Layton, Stephane Dion and Gilles Duceppe, commemorate its first anniversary.
Dec 3
As part of a National Day of Action for Migrant Workers, hundred rallied in front of Jason Kenney's Toronto office yesterday. (Photo: Sima Sahar Zerehi)
Dec 1
(Right to left) Andrew Weizman, Isaac Sliwowicz and Maus Cooper are youth of Toronto's Trip Project. They had a booth at The World AIDS day launch at U of T. (Photo: Kristen Hanson)
Nov 30
The grand opening of the Committee for a Strong and Sustainable Salmon Arm office.
Nov 26
Sid Ryan, Marie Kelly and Terry Downey were elected as new leaders of the Ontario Federation of Labour.
Nov 25
Mary Walsh stars in Poor No More screening at the Canadian Labour International Film Festival this week.
Nov 24
Hundreds of human rights advocates are planning a New Year's eve march in solidarity with the people of Gaza.
Nov 23
Six activists are occupying Environment Minister Jim Prentice's Calgary office to push for climate justice.
Nov 23
Canadians Concerned about Sri Lanka rally on the steps of the Sri Lankan Consulate in Toronto Saturday.
Nov 20
Innocent or not, all detainees transferred by Canadians to Afghan prisons were likely tortured by Afghan authorities, says Canadian official. (Photo: Protectthehuman.com)
Nov 19
Justice for Omar Khadr
Edmonton activists rally in support of Omar Khadr. (Photo: Raisemyvoice.com)
Nov 18
Second Chance -- Union Made is a film that follows the lives and work of six ex-gang/prison members who turn their lives around by entering unions.