May 22
The recycling/compost/litter bin at Toronto's Union Station. What's wrong with this picture?
May 21
The four piece pop perfectors from Toronto, The Bicycles, are known for their sparkly live shows filled with catchy two minute tunes that’ll get your heart racing.
May 19
The government may still 'see no Evil,' but activists continue to work to open eyes about security certificates and secret trials.
May 17
Laura Flanders of GritTV sat down to speak with Evo Morales, Bolivia's indigenous president. (Photo:
May 14
Another mass protest by the Tamil community and supporters Wednesday, as thousands marched past Yonge and Dundas in downtown Toronto. (Photo: Michelle Langlois)
May 13
After a screening of his new film, Fierce Light, director Velcrow Ripper discussed his work with the Globe and Mail's Liam Lacey in Toronto.
May 13
As massacres continue in Sri Lanka, Tamil civilians are being herded into detention camps. In Toronto, protests continue, and today we have live streaming coverage at
May 12
It's election day in B.C. These housing activists would like to see Premier Gordon Campbell evicted after eight years in power. Info: (Photo: The Blackbird)
May 11
Thousands of Tamils and their supporters blocked the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto to demand action on the humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka. (Photo: Charlotte Ireland)
May 10
Take back the day
Inter Pares has a campaign to 'Take Back the Day' this Mother's Day. Check out their excellent video history of the day at
May 8
Labour comes together
Over 1600 union activists gathered in Toronto May 7 to discuss strategies for confronting the economic crisis. (Photo: Michelle Langlois)
May 5
Demonstrators gathered at the Canadian passport Offices May 4 to demand that the Canadian government permit Abousfian Abdelrazik to return home to Canada. (Photo: Matthew Behrens)
May 3
Toronto rally for immigrant rights
The spirit of May Day was alive and well on Saturday in Toronto, as No One Is Illegal and allies rallied for immigrant rights. (Photo: Matthew Adams)
Apr 30
With the federal Liberal Party's convention underway in Vancouver, activists are mobilizing to push Ignatieff to reverse his support for the FTA with the Uribe regime in Colombia.
Apr 29
Ceremonies took place across the country on Tuesday marking the Day of Mourning for workers who died on the job in the past year. (Photo: Derek Blackadder)
Apr 28
The annual MayWorks festival is underway in Toronto, and this year it includes an exhibition by legendary poster artist Favianna Rodriguez.
Apr 27
Tuesday, April 28 is the National Day of Mourning for workers who lost their lives on the job.
Apr 25's Kim Elliott and Duncan Cameron with columnist Linda McQuaig at last week's forum marking rabble's eighth birthday. (Photo:
Apr 24
While the odd commentator like Rex Murphy still downplays the scientific evidence for the climate crisis, others are already fleeing its impacts.
Apr 22
Maude Barlow spoke Wednesday at the United Nations in New York in support of Bolivia's proposal for 'Mother Earth Day.'
Apr 21
The ongoing protests against Sri Lanka's repression of its Tamil minority -- this was the scene on April 17 -- were reinforced today as thousands packed Parliament Hill. (Photo: Bayan_Canada)
Apr 20
Vancouver's Mother Mother are generating much recognition with their original approach to modern pop/rock music.
Apr 19
Linda McQuaig and Peter C. Newman were two of the speakers at last week's rabble forum on the future of newspapers and the media. (Photo: Wayne MacPhail)
Apr 17
Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films has just released a documentary called Rethink Afghanistan.
Apr 16
With newspapers going under across North America, hosts a forum Thursday night in Toronto with Linda McQuaig and Peter C. Newman on the future of our media.
Apr 14
Public Interest Alberta is calling on the Government to reject misguided approaches and to make wise investments in strong public services and programs and building a green economy.
Apr 12
The Tamil community and their supporters have been engaged in continuous protests in Ottawa against the actions of the Sri Lankan government.
Apr 9
<p>A new documentary, 'This Can Happen To You,' featuring Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, looks at cases of the wrongly convicted.</p>
Apr 7
<p>Given their upcoming tour schedule, it is very likely that you will be able to experience Young Rival's ferocious brand of rock and roll in your town soon.</p>
Apr 6
Nunavut turns 10
<p>Nunavut, Canada's territory in the eastern Arctic, was founded on April 1, 1999. (Photo:</p>