Nov 23
Six activists are occupying Environment Minister Jim Prentice's Calgary office to push for climate justice.
Nov 23
Canadians Concerned about Sri Lanka rally on the steps of the Sri Lankan Consulate in Toronto Saturday.
Nov 20
Innocent or not, all detainees transferred by Canadians to Afghan prisons were likely tortured by Afghan authorities, says Canadian official. (Photo:
Nov 19
Justice for Omar Khadr
Edmonton activists rally in support of Omar Khadr. (Photo:
Nov 18
Second Chance -- Union Made is a film that follows the lives and work of six ex-gang/prison members who turn their lives around by entering unions.
Nov 17
Ontario students braved the cold to march for better access to post-secondary education in their province.
Nov 16
Unions from across Ontario rallied in Toronto to pressure Cadillac Fairview to negotiate a fair settlement.
Nov 12
Known as the "most famous woman in Afghanistan," Malalai Joya returns to Canada to share her new political memoir. (Photo: AfghanKabul)
Nov 11
Eight years of war in Afghanistan, another year of wearing white.
Nov 10
Clayton Thomas-Muller spoke to trade unionists, social justice activists, environmentalists and youth at Toronto's Good Green Jobs Conference on Saturday. (Photo: Charlotte Ireland)
Nov 9
The first hurdle's been cleared -- but the fight's not over. Check out
Nov 7
Bay Area organizer and artist Favianna Rodriguez is among the speakers at Media Democracy Day in Vancouver (Image:
Nov 6
Students across Ontario held a spirited day of action Nov. 5 to protest high tuition fees. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Nov 4
Dragon Fli Empire is on the rise. The Calgary based duo, comprised of Cosm (DJ, producer) and Teekay (emcee, producer) have quickly become one of the city's more popular groups.
Nov 3
A multi-media piece about child soldiers called Strange News made its Canadian debut last week, and featured actor Arthur Kisenyi, who travelled from Uganda to perform.
Nov 2
The Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela took Toronto by storm last week. The founder, Jose Antonio Abreu, was in town to accept the $50,000 Glenn Gould Prize.
Oct 30
The official number of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada since 1980 is 521. Jillian Kestler-D'Amours profiles the ordeal of one family from Kahnawake.
Oct 29
Fox News is on a witch hunt. They've already succeeded in pushing Van Jones out of the White House and badgered Congress into passing an unconstitutional bill to defund ACORN.
Oct 28
Today's New York Times reports that Wali Karzai, the Afghan president's brother, has been paid by the CIA for years. Wali is the 'Al Capone of Kandahar,' and has been linked to the drug trade.
Oct 27
One hundred protesters 'die' in the lobby of RBC branch near Parliament Hill, killed by the harmful effects of the tar sands including water contamination, poor air quality, and climate change.
Oct 26
Riot police in Montreal kept war criminal George W. Bush safe from protesters outside.
Oct 23
This Saturday, Oct. 24, the world will unite in action against climate change, aiming to get atmospheric concentrations of CO2 back under 350 parts per million.
Oct 22
Margaret Atwood makes an appearance in NOW Magazine: The Movie, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Toronto publication. This week rabbletv brings you Episode 2 of the mockumentary.
Oct 21
At age eight, Singaporean-born Masia One spent her Chinese New Year money on a bootleg tape of Public Enemy. A year later she moved to Canada and this week the hip hop artist is featured on rabbletv.
Oct 20
Writer and political satirist Lalo Espejo with comedic songs by composer and improvisor Patrick Pennefather, offer insight into the culture-cide that the B.C. government is serving its citizens.
Oct 19
The Greenpeace Change Caravan on the outskirts of Bangkok, before the recently completed climate negotiations. Canada once again played an obstructionist, negative role. (Photo: Greenpeace)
Oct 16
The good jobs for all march in Toronto this June. Despite new job growth numbers, the OECD is predicting that our current unemployment rate of 8.4 per cent will rise to over 10 per cent by next year.
Oct 15
Lt. Dan Choi has become a vocal opponent of 'Don't ask, don't tell,' having spoken before tens of thousands of LGBT people and their allies at last Sunday's National Equality March in Washington, D.C.
Oct 14
The Raging Grannies perform before speeches by filmmaker Paul Manly and NDP trade critic Peter Julian, at a special public screening of the new feature documentary "You, Me and the SPP" in Ottawa.
Oct 12
One strength of the documentary H2Oil is its focus on the indigenous people downstream from the tar sands. A screening of the film will be followed by a panel discussion at the VIFF Monday.