Jul 2
Grana, 12, is the sole survivor of a NATO bombing raid in southern Helmand Province, Afghanistan, where the U.S. has begun a massive new offensive. (Photo: http://rawa.org)
Jul 1
The grandfather of American climate change research, James Hansen, got himself arrested June 23 protesting at a coal mine in West Virginia.
Jun 29
This coup must not stand. Independent media in Honduras are struggling to spread news of the overthrow of democracy in that Central American country. (Photo: http://indybay.org)
Jun 28
With the Pride Parade this weekend in Toronto, activists spoke out against Israel's branding of itself as an oasis for queer subjects.
Jun 25
Elderly LGBT people living in nursing homes or assisted-living centers or receiving home care, increasingly report that they have been disrespected, shunned or mistreated. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Jun 23
Iranian communities and their supporters across Canada continue to demonstrate against the bloody repression carried out by Iran's regime. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Jun 22
Indigenous people in Peru find an oil spill. Extraction industries and free trade agreements are among the causes of bloody repression in Peru's Amazon. (Photo: Ben Powless)
Jun 18
It's report card season and workers are giving Harper a failing grade. Ignatieff is also getting poor marks for a deal with the PM on EI reform. (Photo: http://canadianlabour.ca/)
Jun 17
Mass demonstrations continue in the wake of Iran's disputed presidential election. Blogger Nima Maleki is providing regular updates on the situation. (Photo: http://twitpic.com/7m62t)
Jun 16
Workers took to the streets of Toronto over the weekend to demand good jobs for all and an immediate fix to EI. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Jun 15
Hundreds attended a rally and march for housing on Saturday organized by the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre in Vancouver. (Photo: Kim Elliott)
Jun 12
Earlier this week rallies were held in Ottawa and Montreal to denounce the presence of Colombian President Uribe in Canada and call for a halt to the FTA with Colombia. (Photo: commonfrontiers.ca)
Jun 11
Scene from a protest in Puno, Peru earlier this month. Strikes and rallies took place in Peru and around the world Thursday against government repression of Indigenous peoples. (Photo: Ben Powless)
Jun 10
At Akwesasne, the existence of a transnational border tears a community apart. Now, a dispute over the arming of border guards has led to a standoff. (Photo: Sandra Cuffe)
Jun 9
Darrell Dexter is in the spotlight today. As the results come in, it looks like the NDP has decisively won Nova Scotia's provincial election. (Photo: http://ns.ndp.ca/)
Jun 8
People from across Canada are encouraged to watch and engage with the first Open Internet Town Hall meeting, which will be live streaming today on rabbleTV at 7:30pm EST. (Image: Kirby Ferguson)
Jun 6
Indigenous peoples gathered at the 4th Indigenous Continental Summit, held in Puno, Peru, May 27-31, 2009. (Photo: Ben Powless)
Jun 4
Following on the success of the Wall Street Meltdown parodies, L. McDuff wrote Mad Avenue Blues.
Jun 3
A short documentary film produced by Min Sook Lee chronicles the struggles of municipal workers in Windsor, Ontario after they are forced to go on strike to protect benefits and pensions.
Jun 2
Hundreds came out to show their opposition to war crimes last Friday in Toronto, while others paid big money to hear Bush and Clinton. (Photo: krystalline kraus)
Jun 1
Abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was murdered at his church in Wichita, Kansas. Hundreds gathered at a vigil in Old Town Square Sunday. (Photo: Bob Weeks)
May 31
The Peel Watershed -- threatened by mining interests -- is home to the Nacho Nyak Dun, Tetlit Gwich’in Tr’ondek Hwech’in and the Vuntut Gwitch’in First Nations. (Photo: Peter Bowers, CPAWS-YT)
May 28
George W. Bush continues to evade justice and cash in on speaking fees. On Friday, his appearance with Bill Clinton in Toronto will be greeted by protest. (Image: http://nowar.ca)
May 27
Supporters of equal marriage took to the streets of over 100 cities in North America Tuesday, after the California Supreme Court upheld Prop 8. (Photo: Matt B)
May 26
'Today we are taking a stand!' This was the message Monday, as forestry workers occupied four government ministers' offices. (Photo: http://www.cep.ca/)
May 25
The Right to the City Alliance is a growing movement across North America, organizing for urban justice and democracy. (Image: http://JonathanMatas.com)
May 22
The recycling/compost/litter bin at Toronto's Union Station. What's wrong with this picture?
May 21
The four piece pop perfectors from Toronto, The Bicycles, are known for their sparkly live shows filled with catchy two minute tunes that’ll get your heart racing.
May 19
The government may still 'see no Evil,' but activists continue to work to open eyes about security certificates and secret trials.
May 17
Laura Flanders of GritTV sat down to speak with Evo Morales, Bolivia's indigenous president. (Photo: http://links.org.au/)