Dec 17
Emissions from stacks in Fort McMurray, Alberta, the hub of Canada’s carbon-intense tar sands industry. KRIS KRUG/FLICKR
As the United Nations climate conference in Poland comes to a close, Canada fails to increase its ambition to address climate breakdown.
Dec 14
The Canadian Yellow Vest movement targets the carbon tax and "illegal" immigration, rather than reflecting the anti-austerity demands resonating in France.
Dec 13
Photo: flickr/ Dennis S. Hurd
As Bill C-76 was given Senate approval, progressive groups applauded. The law rolls back the most odious provisions of the Harper government’s Fair Elections Act that encouraged voter suppression.
Dec 12
Photo: The Javorac/Flickr
This week, federal political parties debated how to deal with the growing crisis that claims the lives of 8-to-9 people a day in Canada.
Dec 11
Photo: flickr/Ochinko
In an interview, Halifax-Dartmouth CUPW labour council president Suzanne MacNeil discusses right to bargaining and the ongoing negotiations with Canada Post.
Dec 10
Photo: Phil Romans/Flickr
Statistics Canada’s recent report on hate crimes illustrates the increase in these racially motivated incidents. The challenge now is to develop an approach to combat this hatred.
Dec 7
Photo: Map of Master Innovation Development Plan Site, from the July 31, 2018, Plan Development Agreement between Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs. Reproduced with permission of Waterfront Toronto.
A plan to re-imagine a sweeping section of Toronto by Google’s Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto is progressing with a striking lack of transparency -- and growing alarm among observers.
Dec 6
Photo: UFV/ Flickr
Twenty-nine years after 14 women were killed at École Polytechnique in Montreal, advocates for gun control renew their call for the federal government to do more.
Dec 5
Photo: Emissions image via freefoto/flickr. Creative Commons 2.0.
Respected activist Tony Clarke has a new book mapping out how Canada can get to net carbon emissions of zero by 2040.
Dec 4
Photo: Karl Nerenberg, rabble
A group of Canadian activists are calling on Canada and the world to do more to slow the advancement of global warming, including allocating billions of dollars to the effort.
Dec 3
Rachel Notley/Flickr
Alberta will impose an 8.7-per-cent oil production cut to shrink gaping price differential, steely NDP premier says.
Dec 2
Fasten your seat belts. Alberta's premier will make history if she sets out a plan to deflate the Bitumen Bubble.
Nov 30
Photo: Courtesy of Council of Canadians
Makasa Looking Horse is a youth from Six Nations and a student at McMaster University. She led the organizing for the Putting a Stop to Nestlé events on November 24.
Nov 29
Photo: Alisdare Hickson/Wikimedia Commons
With each new reported Saudi atrocity, Canadian leaders dig in their heels and issue earnest statements about "troubling" revelations, and respect for human rights and the rule of law.
Nov 28
Photo: Harry Leslie Smith/Facebook
The writer of Harry’s Last Stand and Don't Let My Past Be Your Future, spent a lifetime advocating for the poor in Britain, Canada and around the globe.
Nov 27
Photo: Robert Taylor/Flickr
In the wake of General Motors’ decision to close its Oshawa plant, politicians offer regret, promises to help workers. Meanwhile the idea of nationalizing the car-maker’s Canadian assets is floated.
Nov 26
Photo: flickr/ Doug
In 2014, Christianne Boudreau’s son was killed fighting with ISIS in Syria. After his death, she became an advocate for counter extremism. In 2016, her passport was revoked.
Nov 23
Photo: flickr/Yutaka Seki
Federal Labour Minister Patty Hadju – who once wrote “healthy labour relations directly contribute to economic growth” – is about to force postal workers back to work
Nov 22
Photo: National Transportation Safety Board/Wikimedia Commons
After Lac-Mégantic, we need proper regulation of railways -- and every other aspect of our economy that requires government oversight to protect us from corporations whose only interest is profit.
Nov 21
Photo: Extinction Rebellion/Twitter
Six thousand Extinction Rebellion activists recently occupied five bridges in London and the rebellion is set to go global in March 2019.
Nov 20
Photo: Number 10/Flickr
Overcoming furious rivals, British Prime Minister Theresa May has convinced her cabinet to support the "soft" Brexit deal with the EU, but the real test will come in a U.K. parliamentary vote.
Nov 19
Photo: Premier of Ontario Photography/Flickr
Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner warns of how the province’s lakes and rivers are being polluted. Doug Ford responded two days later by shooting the messenger, and killed the commission.
Nov 19
On Tuesday, the president of Cenovus Energy Inc. called for temporary production cuts across the Canadian oil sector to push prices back up. It's all about supply and demand.
Nov 15
Photo: Elliott Brown/Wikimedia Commons
Will Amazon's HQ2 spark a magical, high-tech age, or will it kill small businesses, drive up rents and leave the cadaver of a working-class neighbourhood in its wake?
Nov 14
Both a Senate committee and a government-appointed panel are reviewing the federal Broadcast Act. If the public hearings are any indication, public broadcasting is in for a rough ride.
Nov 13
Photo: Yvon Monette/Facebook
More than 50,000 people braved cold and snow to walk the streets of Montreal on November 10 in support of "taking the planet to parliament."
Nov 12
Hospital Employees Union members celebrate announcement of repeal of regressive labour laws at their convention in downtown Vancouver on Nov. 9, 2018. Photo by Josh Berson.
Convention of the Hospital Employees Union celebrated the repeal of regressive health-sector legislation that have been on the books in British Columbia for 16 years.
Nov 9
Photo: International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group/Facebook
It's been 16 years since Mohamed Harkat was arrested on a secret hearing security certificate. Today he is still threatened with deportation to his native Algeria.
Nov 8
Norman Snowshoe/Facebook
The results of this week’s mid-term elections pose a direct threat to Indigenous communities in Canada’s Northwest Territories. And Norman Snowshoe of Fort McPherson dreads what could be coming.
Nov 7
Image: Matthew Allen/Flickr
If we want orcas and other species to survive, we should look in the mirror and change our own behaviour.