Nov 28
Jack Layton consults with caucus members earlier this month. Ottawa is buzzing with talk of an opposition coalition. Photo:
Nov 27
Indie Inside is rabbletv's spotlight on great Canadian music. Just like with journalism, the quality of music suffers from the corporate control on the industry.
Nov 26
A ceremony at the Americas Social Forum held in Guatemala City, October 7 to 12. A report back meeting will be held November 27 in Toronto.
Nov 24
Delegates watching a presentation at the Good Jobs for All Summit. Over 1000 attended the November 22 event in Toronto.
Nov 23
CEP takes action against Petro-Canada
CEP President Dave Coles. November 21 and 22 were National Days of Action Against Petro-Canada, which locked out members of CEP Local 175 one year ago.
Nov 21
rabbleTV brings you coverage of the launch of Tony Clarke's Tar Sands Showdown in Ottawa.
Nov 20
The 40th Parliament opened this week in Ottawa. Photo:
Nov 19
On Wednesday, Barriere Lake Algonquins blockaded Highway 117 for a second time, following this action last month. Photo:
Nov 18
As Parliament opens, a couple of former roommates battle it out to replace Dion as Liberal leader.
Nov 17
First there was Obama Girl and now we have something even better - HarperGirl.
Nov 16
Defeated NPA candidate Michael Geller stopped by the Vision Vancouver celebration with his daughter. He gave out this pin.
Nov 14
Troubled economic waters
As Parliament gets set to open next week, troubled economic waters are ahead.
Nov 13
New York Times spoof declares Iraq War over
A spoof issue of the New York Times declared the war on Iraq over.
Nov 12
Labour photo of the year: Trade unions are fun!
This picture of the UK National Teachers Union strike march won's Labour Photo of the Year.
Nov 10
On November 5, thousands of students hit the streets of Toronto to demand lower fees.
Nov 3
Protesting the tar sands
On Saturday, November 1, a protest against the tar sands was held in Edmonton
Oct 23
Media Democracy Day takes to the streets
It's Media Democracy Day in Toronto. As part of the day's events, video activists will be asking the public, "What's missing in the media?"
Oct 10
Slacker Uprising
"Slacker Uprising" takes place in the wake of "Fahrenheit 9/11," during the run-up to the 2004 election, as Michael Moore traveled America, in a failed attempt to remove George W. Bush from office.
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