Apr 15
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley as she prepared to leave the stage after her speech in Edmonton yesterday. Photo: David J. Climenhaga.
Facing an election Tuesday, Alberta's premier looked and sounded like a politician on a roll yesterday in Edmonton -- energized, by turns forceful, funny, and inspiring.
Apr 12
'A New Kind of Union' -- new book explores the first five years in the history of Unifor. Photo provided by James Lorimer and Company
Fred Wilson played a major role in the creation of Unifor. In his new book, he reflects on the first five years of one of Canada's newest unions' often turbulent history.
Apr 11
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
The Liberals' just-announced change in refugee policy could have a devastating effect on thousands of vulnerable people. For some asylum seekers, it could, in fact, have life and death impact.
Apr 10
Image: TheDigitalArtist/Pixabay
A report commissioned by Environment and Climate Change Canada, "Canada's Changing Climate Report," warned that this country is warming at roughly twice the global average rate.
Apr 9
Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. Photo: Andrew Scheer/Flickr
Progressives in Canada have many good reasons to be disappointed with the Trudeau Liberal government, but the Conservative campaign of fear and panic against immigration and refugees is frightening.
Apr 8
Kirill Kalinin inside the Russian embassy in Ottawa a few weeks before he was expelled from Canada. Photo: David J. Climenhaga
It was a year ago Friday that the government of Canada declared Kirill Kalinin and three other Russian diplomats persona non grata and sent them packing.
Apr 5
Then citizenship and immigration minister Jason Kenney at a 2012 press conference. Photo: Daily Xtra/Flickr
Kenney often points to the record number of Canadian immigrants when he was immigration minister, but he was not above appealing to prejudices and hatreds when it suited his political purposes.
Apr 4
 A large stack from the Sault Paper Mill. Photo: Billy Wilson/Flickr
The most important thing to remember is it's still within our reach to avoid most of the future impacts the report describes. We have the solutions.
Apr 3
Image: SFU/Flickr
Much of the report details the lack of data or information on everything from water use and impacts on ground and surface water to methane emissions and contamination from radioactive materials.
Apr 2
Photo: Jason Kenney/Facebook
The fact that tax cuts do not create jobs as predicted has not stopped right-wing parties in search of business support from repeating the promise.
Apr 1
UCP Leader Jason Kenney, apparently wearing one of Stephen Harper’s old unthreatening sweaters, at Spruce Meadows south of Calgary yesterday. Photo: Facebook
Sorry, kid, you're going to have to take a pay cut to finance this right now. But, trust me, little buddy, you're going to love it!
Mar 29
Protest against Quebec's Charter of Values in 2013. Photo: ibourgeault_tasse/Flickr
Though the new law targets all religious symbols, many believe the goal is to demonize and persecute one identifiable minority group: Muslim women.
Mar 29
Steel and aluminum tariffs. Image: Photo by USW. Used with permission.
USW's Ken Neumann on Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs, unions helping refugees in Lebanon, and more.
Mar 28
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attends the flag-raising ceremony for Pride Month on Parliament Hill. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
The federal government missed an opportunity to introduce a significant protection for the LGBTQ community by failing to take steps to ban conversion therapy.
Mar 27
Black Lives Matter. Photo: Ella/Flickr
Machuar Madut's death was not inevitable, and it is both possible and necessary to demand that he deserved -- and that we all deserve -- better.
Mar 26
Trans flag. Image: From Wikimedia.
Co-founder Estelle Davis talks about Taking What We Need, a solidarity fund created by and for trans women living in Montreal.
Mar 25
Photo: Chris Schwarz/Government of Alberta/Flickr
Albertans looked to Rachel Notley to lead them through a transition, and somewhere along the way, industry convinced the government and the public alike that the transition needed was a pipeline.
Mar 22
Photo: Marites N. Sison
The rally was part of a co-ordinated action in over a dozen cities across Canada, including Montreal, Vancouver and Halifax.
Mar 21
Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
he exclusion of Indigenous women and girls as a priority in this federal budget is a glaring example of the ongoing racism and sexism that is so deeply embedded in Canada's laws and policies.
Mar 20
Photo: jasonwoodhead23/flickr
Budget 2019 seems to say it guarantees payments to retirees even after bankrupt companies wind up their pension plans. Sounds too good to be true -- and it likely is!
Mar 20
Image: Peace Brigades International
Isidro Baldenegro Lóperz, Juan Ontiveros Ramos, and Julián Carrillo Martínes died defending their ancestral territories from extractavist industries.
Mar 19
What happened at Christchurch -- mass murder produced as the logical result of a long-running political epoch defined by the dehumanization and demonization of Muslims -- happens every day.
Mar 18
Image: Flickr/PresidenciaRD
The tragic mosque attack in Christchurch, New Zealand should serve as a kick in the pants for the Trudeau government to take action to combat Islamophobia in Canada.
Mar 14
Image Credit: Rise and Resist/Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/785534701807241/
In Canada from Inuvik to St. John's, in cities and towns in every province, students are striking on March 15 for the global student strike for the climate.
Mar 13
Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May at Edmonton's The King's University on Friday, March 8, 2019 (Photo: David J. Climenhaga).
The leader of the Green Party of Canada says she would have summoned up the memory of Peter Lougheed, Alberta's first Conservative dynasty, but not the way the province's first NDP premier has.
Mar 12
Photo: Justin Trudeau/Facebook
Despite his campaign promises, Justin Trudeau has been unable to abandon centralized power. His chosen style of governance is through emphasizing public relations, which is wearing thin.
Mar 8
Photo: Jody Wilson-Raybould/Facebook
In recent weeks we have seen a confrontation between two visions of politics: one coming from a small male elite and another slowly emerging from centuries of patriarchy and colonialism.
Mar 7
Photo: Justin Trudeau/Facebook
The prime minister finally addressed the SNC-Lavalin affair in detail today and and came close to openly admitting that moving Wilson-Raybould out of the justice ministry might have been a mistake.
Mar 6
Photo: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
NDP leader Jagmeet Singh's victory in the Burnaby South byelection last week followed an increasingly familiar pattern in electoral politics.
Mar 5
Prime Minister Trudeau takes questions at a town hall in Milton, Ontario. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Without evidence of wrongdoing for personal benefit by the prime minister, it is hard to see why Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer would expect Justin Trudeau to resign.