Nov 19
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with media on January 18, 2019, following a cabinet retreat in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Image: Adam Scotti/PMO
On three big issues that any government faces, the Trudeau government was weak: it neglected official languages questions; misplayed Canada-U.S. relations; and bungled federal-provincial relations.
Nov 15
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announces the launch of a public inquiry into foreign-funded anti-Alberta energy campaigns. Image: Government of Alberta/Flickr
Whatever led to inquiry commissioner Steve Allan's decision to use a law firm that employs his son, it doesn't pass the traditional political sniff test.
Nov 13
National War Memorial in Ottawa. Image: Paul Gorbould/Flickr
All wars are fought twice, "the first time on the battlefield, and the second time in memory." What is often forgotten is the memory of those who were oppressed, exploited and unrecognized.
Nov 13
Image: Jeanne Menjoulet/Flickr
Reimagining and acting to create a better world can be a deeply positive experience. In the act of coming together, we can rewire the status quo so that taking care of each other becomes the norm.
Nov 11
Poppies on National War Memorial in Ottawa. Image: Robbie/Flickr
When we commemorate the sacrifices of Canadians who have gone to battle over the years, let's honour not only the soldiers, but those who take risks to prevent war or to repair its damage.
Nov 8
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi speaking with attendees at the 2019 California Democratic Party State Convention. Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr
The Trump impeachment frenzy in the U.S. among Democrats, especially by party heavies like Nancy Pelosi, makes zero sense on its face.
Nov 7
Peace River MLA Dan Williams being sworn into office. Image: Dan Williams/Facebook
This ploy is a well-understood part of the anti-choice playbook, so it seems likely the bill is an attempt to find a way to limit access to abortion services and contraception.
Nov 5
Elizabeth May at a Trans Mountain pipeline protest on Burnaby Mountain. Photo: Elizabeth May/Facebook
Given the built-in biases of our electoral system, it is a minor miracle that the Greens managed to win any seats at all in the House of Commons.
Nov 1
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with federal party leaders November 28, 2018. Image: Adam Scotti/PMO
The verdict of the election is here. So what is going to happen to the future of digital policy in Canada?
Oct 31
Image: Joe Brusky/Flickr
A group of youth activists decided marching isn't enough. The 15 youth, ranging in age from seven to 19, are taking the federal government to court. Forget settlements, their goal is climate action.
Oct 29
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. Image: Andrew Scheer/Flickr
In election 2019, the Conservatives ran a campaign mimicking U.S. Republicans: presenting themselves to voters as a low-tax, anti-government party, comfortable with a social conservative agenda.
Oct 28
Image: Green Party of Canada/Twitter
The Greens' pan-ideological approach might partly explain why the party struggled to make new gains in an NDP-dominated area like Vancouver Island.
Oct 25
Image: Dennis Sylvester Hurd/Flickr
An impressive consensus, about 65 per cent, on basics like climate, was spread across at least four parties, determined to throttle each other.
Oct 24
Ontario Power Generation's Sir Adam Beck Generating Complex. Image: Ontario Power Generation/Adam Beck Complex/Wikimedia Commons
McQuaig's new book "The Sport and Prey of Capitalists" tells the story of how politicians have gradually ceded our country's public goods to private capital.
Oct 23
Image: Justin Trudeau/Facebook
To give his weakened party a greater measure of legitimacy, Trudeau might want to govern in such a way that takes into account all progressive voters, not just those who voted Liberal.
Oct 22
Image: Justin Trudeau/Facebook
After a short and difficult election campaign, the Liberals won 157 seats, 27 fewer than in the 2015 election but enough to form a minority government.
Oct 21
Climate strike activists in Edmonton. Image: Paula E. Kirman
Greta Thunberg helps amplify, but is not the true centre of protest.
Oct 17
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Image: 2017 Canada Summer Games/Flickr
Author Martin Lukacs speaks about his new book, "The Trudeau Formula," which argues that progressive branding has played a huge role in Liberal party operations.
Oct 17
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. Image: Justin Trudeau/Facebook
Governing from second-place position is not common in Canadian history, but there is nothing untoward or abnormal about it.
Oct 16
Greta Thunberg speaks at Fridays for Future protest in Berlin in July 2019. Image: Leonhard Lenz/Wikimedia Commons
Greta and the young people worldwide urging adults to care about their future don't need a Nobel. They need grown-ups to take them seriously and heed the scientific evidence about global warming.
Oct 15
NDP leader addresses crowd during 2019 federal election campaign. Image: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
In 2019, breaking the cycle of Liberal-Conservative government -- an objective of the New Democrats -- starts with the NDP winning enough seats to play a key role in a minority Parliament.
Oct 12
Image: Jagmeet Singh/Twitter
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau came into his own, gamely defending himself on one of the most dubious parts of his time as prime minister: the SNC-Lavalin affair.
Oct 10
Climate strike in Ottawa, September 27, 2019. Image: Mike Gifford/Flickr
Anybody who is truly concerned about their children and grandchildren should be anxious to talk about the environmental deficit instead of hiding out behind old fiscal mantras.
Oct 9
We should all examine the roster of candidates and parties where we live, compare their environmental platforms and records, and ask local contenders about their climate commitments.
Oct 8
Andrew Scheer. Image: Andrew Scheer/Flickr
Despite the efforts of many Conservative voices inside and outside media to cover for him, Andrew Scheer is still having trouble talking to Canadians about why he should be the next prime minister.
Oct 5
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. Image: Jagmeet Singh/Twitter
As they prepare for the next round of debates, all of the federal party leaders are fighting their own demons.
Oct 4
Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer, when he was a starship captain … really! Image: Andrew Scheer/Flickr.
Who knew that Andrew Scheer would turn out to have a trunkful of dirty little secrets, with the emphasis on little?
Oct 3
Campaign soundbites don't always capture the bigger issues at play in an election. We've rounded up six books that dive deeper into major issues in the 2019 federal campaign.
Oct 2
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. Image: Screenshot/Andrew Scheer/Twitter
For the Conservatives, overseas development assistance, like immigration or Canada's stance on the Middle East, is a political punching bag, designed to attract votes by spreading fear and resentment.
Oct 1
NDP leader addresses crowd during 2019 federal election campaign. Image: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
A successful election campaign tells a story. Finding and amplifying narratives key to attracting voter support is what will drive the next weeks of the campaign.