Jun 13
Photo: ScottMontreal / flickr
It's another day and night of Casseroles protests across Canada. This week Harper's Bill C-38 is as much the target.
Jun 12
Protest against Bill C-38 in Whitehorse, Yukon. (Photo: LeadNow / flickr)
On Wednesday people all over Canada - like this group in Whitehorse, Yukon - will take action to protest Bill C-38.
Jun 12
Protest against Bill C-31 earlier this year at Immigration Canada offices in Vancouver. (Photo: brent_granby / flickr)
Bill C-31 passed third reading in Parliament Monday.
Jun 11
A 'nude protest' was held Friday in Montreal. (Photo Thien V / flickr)
A 'nude protest' was held Friday in Montreal, one of many creative ways people in Quebec have turned their backs on Charest and his draconian Bill 78.
Jun 10
Children joined the 'River Run' creative protest action at Queen's Park in Toronto Friday. (Photo: John Bonnar)
Children joined the 'River Run' creative protest action at Queen's Park in Toronto Friday.
Jun 8
Edmonton's Pride Parade. (Photo: DJorgensen / flickr)
Conservative Alberta Premier Alison Redford will participate in Edmonton's Pride Parade on Saturday.
Jun 7
Photo: Not Rex screenshot
Not Rex explains how Bill C-38 is going to blow away over 80 years of labour and environmental regulations.
Jun 7
Photo: john Bonnar.
Ontario premier McGuinty was a no show yesterday, after being invited to eat mercury contaminated fish from the Wabigoon River in Grassy Narrows.
Jun 6
Red is spreading out well beyond Montreal and Quebec. (Photo: howlmontreal / flickr)
This party started in Quebec, but tonight it's going truly global, with over 125 locations in Canada and around the world holding Casseroles actions.
Jun 5
Saturday’s Black Mark Budget protest at Kitchener-Waterloo MP Peter Braid’s office. (Photo: http://whoacanada.wordpress.com/)
This picket in Kitchener-Waterloo was part of a flurry of recent protests against the Harper government's omnibus budget bill.
Jun 4
We are supporting the action of a number of civil society groups by participating in 'Black Out Speak Out.'
Jun 2
Photo: Sandrine Bérubé
Pots and pans in Paris: The Casseroles of Quebec have swept across Canada and are now going global.
Jun 1
Photo:  Thoth, God of Knowledge / flickr
This view from the shore of Lake Michigan speaks volumes about the impact of pollution on health and the environment in the Great Lakes region.
May 31
Pots and pans solidarity from way up in Dawson City, Yukon. (Photo: Wanda Roe)
A day after Casseroles for Quebec students were held in 70 cities and towns - including Dawson City, Yukon - the Charest government has called off talks.
May 31
The CBC we want: please join us for this important web event right here today from 4 to 6 pm EDT.
May 31
Photo: Sierra Club of Canada
Opposition leader Thomas Mulcair makes a much anticipated visit to Alberta today, amidst a frenzy whipped up by boosters of the tar sands.
May 30
(Photo: ScottMontreal / flickr)
This scene will be playing out tonight in over 60 communities across Canada and around the world.
May 30
A night rally in Ottawa showed solidarity with Quebec students. (Photo: Ben Powless)
On the eve of today's cross-Canada actions, a night rally in Ottawa showed solidarity with Quebec students.
May 29
Teamsters rally on Parliament Hill today against the CP back-to-work legislation. (Photo: Karl Nerenberg / rabble.ca)
Teamsters rally on Parliament Hill today against back-to-work legislation expected to be voted on tonight.
May 29
Roma children in Hungary. (Photo: hunglish.org)
In Hungary, the Roma people face the danger of far right militias. So why is Canada making it easier to send Roma refugees back?
May 28
Manifestation Casserole - St Henri (Photo: Magdalena O! / flickr)
'Casseroles' are spreading beyond Quebec and across Canada, as solidarity for the student strike pours in from far and wide.
May 25
Photo: radicalcitizenmedia.com
The Conservatives blame "professional agitators," in a new motion to dismiss the legal challenges seeking to overturn federal election results.
May 24
Jean Charest's 'Special Law' in Quebec is resulting in some of the largest mass arrests in Canadian history. (Photo: ricardoara / flickr)
Last night over 500 were arrested during protests in Montreal.
May 23
One of Cape Breton's old-growth forests. (Photo: Clover_1 / flickr)
Is the sun setting on the environmental movement, or are we at the dawn of a new consciousness about the need to protect Mother Earth?
May 22
This was the view from the front of the march today in Montreal. (Photo: Justin Ling)
Hundreds of thousands marched today against Charest's 'Special Law' and in support of Quebec's student strike.
May 22
Photo: http://www.arretezmoiquelquun.com
A creative response to Charest: 'Somebody arrest me, I disobey Law 78.' (http://www.arretezmoiquelquun.com)
May 21
Carré rouge pour l'éducation. (Photo: Photomaxmtl / flickr)
When Quebec students hit the streets in a massive rally Tuesday, they won't be alone. Solidarity is spreading and so is their symbol, the red square.
May 20
Chicago hosts NATO this weekend. (Photo: Sarah Bennet)
A massive anti-war demonstration took place Sunday, on the first day of Chicago hosting the NATO Summit.
May 19
Photo: (Socialist Canada, Socialist Quebec / flickr)
A number of civil society groups have denounced the Charest government's emergency law against Quebec's student strike.
May 18
Mohammad Mahjoub (left) with his lawyer, Yavar Hameed, in Ottawa, May 2012. (Photo: http://www.supportmahjoub.org/)
Mohammad Mahjoub (left) was in Ottawa to speak in public for the first time about his ordeal as a security certificate detainee.