Apr 20
Before Canada loses even more farmland, we need to change the way we see agricultural land and our attitude to food supply
Apr 20
Champ de Mars camp residents show eviction notice, March 29, 2012 (Photo Stuart Neatby)
More than two years after a devastating earthquake, Haiti's housing crisis continues.
Apr 19
Photo from http://usgreentechnology.com
Earth Day's this weekend - a good time to think about the idea of a 'green economy'.
Apr 18
rabble was born 11 years ago this week, in the middle of the protests against the FTAA in Quebec City.
Apr 18
Yesterday Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver announced major changes to the environmental review process. A recent creative protest in Winnipeg took aim at Oliver and the Harper government.
Apr 17
H2O, Not F-35s
The Council of Canadians calls for the Harper government to spend money on clean water, not on fighter jets. The F-35 fiasco is part of a growing crisis of legitimacy for Harper.
Apr 16
Beets. Photo: Inner City Farms
The urban farming movement is gaining popularity.
Apr 13
Join rabble.ca in taking the Vegan Challenge during Earth Week from April 16-22!
Apr 12
Photo: Not Rex screenshot
Striking Quebec students are fighting austerity on behalf of the whole nation.
Apr 11
Landfall album cover
Grande dame of the Canadian art rock scene Carole Pope returns with a new album.
Apr 10
Screen shot from the film Never Come Back. Photo: Malcolm Hamilton
The film "Never Come Back" premieres in Ottawa on Wednesday, April 11.
Apr 9
Rally against Northern Gateway pipeline. Photo: Delores Broten
The community in Comox, B.C. rallied against the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.
Apr 6
Don Tapscott on the power of collaboration
Apr 5
Vancouver occupation of Immigration and Canadian Border Services Agency offices. Photo: No One is Illegal/Flickr.
Members of refugee and immigrant rights groups occupy Conservative MP constituency offices across Canada.
Apr 4
Photo: Gabrielle de Montigny
A former Katimavik participant reflects on the Conservative government's decision to cut the program.
Apr 4
Photo: Steve Rhodes/Flickr
The newest insurgencies embody essential aspects of our age of information.
Apr 3
Photo: pointsdevue/Flickr
We need enough people like the striking Quebec students ready to fight for a better future for all.
Apr 2
Photo: Asif Rehman/Open Book: Toronto
Farzana Doctor joins the Babble Book Club to discuss her novel.
Apr 1
Photo: dugspr — Home for Good/Flickr
BCE Inc. (Bell) announced its acquisition of leading Canadian left-wing news website rabble.ca.
Mar 30
Photo: Not Rex
Employees of Aveos were left holding the bag after the company shut down last week.
Mar 29
Photo: Kitty Canuck
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty prepares to deliver one of the most draconian budgets in recent years.
Mar 28
Photo: andretremblay.com / Greenpeace
Ongoing efforts to oppose nuclear power in Quebec and New Brunswick.
Mar 27
Photo: Not Rex
Not Rex reports from the 2012 NDP Leadership Convention, where Thomas Mulcair was chosen as new leader of the NDP.
Mar 26
Photo: Cat Reporter
Cat Reporter infiltrates the NDP Leadership Convention and discovers the Cat Truth!
Mar 23
2012 NDP Leadership Convention. Photo: rabble.ca/Flickr
Our live coverage of the 2012 NDP Leadership Convention.
Mar 23
Jack Layton's final letter to all Canadians, dated Saturday, Aug. 20, 2011, two days before he died.
Mar 22
Photo: imekinox/Flickr
As many as one in three First Nation reserves in Canada have been found to lack safe water.
Mar 21
Photo: burgundavia/Flickr
Libby Davies hosts a public forum about Internet surveillance. Watch live at 7 p.m. PST/10 p.m. EST.
Mar 20
Photo: Elaine Bernard
The six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street began with joy and ended in terror.
Mar 20
Photo: Justin Ling/Flickr
NDP members need to vote for the leader who can best speak to the Canadian people.