Sep 15
Mary Simon, the president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami. Photo: Melissa Irwin.
With Inuit suicide rates 11 times higher than the rest of Canada, leaders and activists gathered in Ottawa to discuss the tragedy.
Sep 14
Action against dumping barrels nuclear waste by the dumpship RIJNBORG, north Atlantic : 1982. Photo: © Greenpeace / Pierre Gleizes
On our anniversary, we call on Canadians to take action against the tar sands.
Sep 13
A community meeting at Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto to discuss the cuts to social service program by the Rob Ford administration at Toronto City Hall. Photo: John Bonner
Neighbours break bread and discuss the fight ahead.
Sep 12
You Should Have Stayed at Home: Praxis Theatre brings G20 to the stage
Political drama depicts G20 police abuse of protesters.
Sep 8
As the twin towers were collapsing and millions were seeking more information, rabble's discussion forum, babble, became an integral part of 9/11 coverage.
Sep 7
Hundreds sat in at the White House to tell President Obama to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Photo: Shadia Fayne Wood,
Sep 6
Agriculture workers take part in Toronto's annual Labour Day parade. Photo: Meagan Perry
Sep 5
Happy Labour Day! Photo: cr3/Flickr
Politically, unions have provided a balance to the power of money. This is something that the moneyed powerful cannot stand.
Sep 2
The Ontario PC platform and MC Hammer pants: Some things really shouldn't make a comeback.
Sep 1
Your donation can make it happen.
Aug 31 and the Wilderness Committee bring you live audio feed.
Aug 31
Jack Layton greets his new NDP caucus in Ottawa, May 24, 2011. Source: NDP Canada
Discuss the future of the NDP on babble...
Aug 30
Haiti, June 2011: Camp Jean Marie Vincent is the largest displaced persons camp in Port au Prince. A relatively well provided camp, it nonetheless lacks bathing facilities, care for children, safety for women and hope for getting into stable housing.
Haiti, June 2011...
Aug 27
Photo: John Bonnar
The complete audio from Jack Layton's state funeral. Eulogies by Mike and Sarah Layton, Stephen Lewis and Karl Belanger.
Aug 26
Canadians pay their respects to Jack Layton at Toronto City Hall, Aug. 26, 2011.
What explains this extraordinary week?
Aug 25
Remembering Jack Layton at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Aug. 23, 2011. Photo: Jackman Chiu/Flickr
'I asked them to say a few words... Most were speechless with grief.'
Aug 23
Jack Layton during the 2011 federal election campaign. Photo: Matt Jiggins/Flickr
Judy Rebick: 'Thank you for showing us what working from a place of love means.'
Aug 22
Ottawa: The vigil for NDP leader Jack Layton, who died on Monday. Photo: ciao-chow/Flickr
babble forum discussion. What are your memories of the late Official Opposition leader?
Aug 21
Photo: donjohann/Flickr
Join our open discussion forum, babble, as the war in Libya continues.
Aug 19
The way it should be: The wild salmon run at Adam's River in British Columbia's interior in 2010. Photo: John Biehler/Flickr
The Cohen Commission is an incredible opportunity to get the truth about what is going on in fish farms.
Aug 18
Photo: thisisbossi/Flickr
An interview with Asia Czapska of Justice For Girls.
Aug 17
Raewyn Connell. Photo: Dianne Reggett
'There's no one thing that you can call masculinity. There are multiple masculinities.'
Aug 16
Stockwell Day takes a photo with his phone during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Photo: Brendan Lally/Flickr
He's baaack!: Stockwell joins the telecoms boom...
Aug 15
Detroit, Michigan, 2010 -- Union members picket the Bank of America, saying that big Wall Street banks should pay the cost of creating good jobs to solve the economic crisis. Photo: Jim West/Flickr
Market forces rule only if we let them.
Aug 13
Firefighters in Croydon, south London, try to put out a building set on fire by rioters. Photo: tgeasland/Flickr
So many have so little to be proud of, especially the rich.
Aug 11
G20 inquiry rally, July 1, 2010. Photo: My Toronto Democracy/Flickr
Book lounge: Come hell or high water, we won't stop...
Aug 10
Polish professor Edyta Just explains the creative and critical transformation she underwent after becoming a student of gender studies and describes how she encourages such growth in others.
The Polish professor of gender studies and feminism in conversation.
Aug 9
The Latin American Campaign for Civic Participation seeks to integrate newcomers into Canadian life, through popular education and the facilitation of dialogue with political representatives.  Photo: Jeannine M. Pitas
The Latin American Campaign for Civic Participation integrates newcomers into Canadian life, through popular education and the facilitation of dialogue with politicians.
Aug 8
Toronto EI rally in 2009. Photo: Medmoiselle T/Flickr
Pensions are in their sights...
Aug 5
From Toronto to the U.S. Congress and White House, the talk is cuts, cuts, cuts.