Jun 30
Our fundraising and membership drive ends Saturday. Help us to carry out our work!
Jun 29
Britain's Channel 4 has aired an investigative documentary about murderous events in the final weeks of the 30-year civil war between the government of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tiger rebels.
Jun 28
NDP leader Jack Layton during the filibuster against back-to-work legislation being imposed on postal workers.
The NDP's parliamentary debate instigated last weekend leads to a wider debate. Whose economy is it? What is the economy for? How do we improve economic well-being? Conservatives want to avoid this.
Jun 27
Rogue page Brigette Depape spoke to the crowd.
Protesters call for better policing and inquiry...
Jun 26
Filibuster is the opposite of prorogation: join the discussion
Jun 25
Photo: Ariel Estulin
The gross excess of police intimidations, interrogations and arrests are hardly a distant memory.
Jun 23
Live: Debate on back-to-word legislation for postal worker in Parliament. Photo: Live: Debate on back-to-word legislation for postal worker in Parliament/Flickr
Parliamentary procedures...
Jun 22
Photo: Mark Donovan/Flickr
What hockey has become: As we have seen increasingly across the globe, violence is simply a local manifestation of frustration and anger generated by contemporary capitalism.
Jun 22
Michel Martelly makes an appearance at the Lycee Petionville polling station during the recent Haitian elections. Photo: Rozanna Fang/Flickr
During the recent election, Michel Martelly campaigned as a champion of 'change,' but it isn't the case.
Jun 21
Stephen Harper in Greece in May, 2011. Photo: Πρωθυπουργός της Ελλάδας/Flickr
Lalo Espejo wonders if Harper deserves the benefit of the doubt with a new majority...
Jun 20
NDP leader Jack Layton, flanked by some of his 103 MPs, addresses the NDP Convention in Vancouver. Photo: Kim Elliott
The NDP now offer a big orange tent to to welcome dissatisfied Canadian voters.
Jun 17
Photo: Evolve Love/Velcrow Ripper
A new report provides disturbing details on the Alberta Oil Sands.
Jun 17
CUPW members in Vancouver. Photo: David P. Ball
Banding together across the country.
Jun 16
Vancouver riot police and angry young men, June 15, 2011. Photo: breadfacej/Flickr
What happened after the game was neither in the spirit of people at the arena nor the spirit of those who bravely protested the G8 and G20 meetings in Toronto in June 2010.
Jun 16
Greg Rogers, Michael Shapcott and Nadien Godkewitsch discuss the study with authour John Stapleton at Tuesday's launch. Photo: John Bonnar
A plan for homeless former prisoners in Toronto.
Jun 15
Protesting the Conservative Party Convention in Ottawa last weekend. Photo: Marco Vigliotti
From the rabble radio podcast network...
Jun 14
The B.C. peace activist remembers the attack on the Mavi Marmara and explains why he is trying again.
Jun 13
Photo: Marco Vigliotti
Confrontation at the Ottawa Convention Centre.
Jun 10
A walk in the rain in support of changing lifestyles, better health and animal rights.
Jun 9
Lessons from Spain's Camp Sol and the 'Indignant' movement. Photo: Reilly Yeo
A picture of Spain's protests
Jun 7
Protest in Ottawa by the Algonquin people protesting the mining at Barriere, Dec. 2010. Photo: alienbeatpoet/Flickr
Protests about Barriere Lake continue.
Jun 7
Bring on the axe: Despite their mutual antipathy, Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper are two peas in a pod when it comes wanting to diminish the federal public service and reduce its capacity to deliver to Canadians. Photo: Oravino/Flickr
Canada's public servants on the chopping block.
Jun 6
Photo: Paul Schreiber/Flickr
'I don't see enough diversity in the female expression anymore....'
Jun 3
Parliament page Brigette Marcelle holds up a "Stop Harper" sign during the throne speech.
Jun 3
After almost a month under arrest and four years in hiding, Alvaro Orozco has just been issued permanent resident status by Citizenship and Immigration Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.
Jun 2
One hoax to rule them all: The Hobbit movie tar sands hoax revealed. Photo: Erin Byrnes
A tale of dirty oil, a Hollywood blockbuster, Yes Men shenanigans, the ever-helpful media and activist geniuses.
Jun 1
A number is never just a number -- money to live. Photo: KittyCanuck/Flickr
How much do Canadians need to survive? How much do they get?
May 30
What next for Canada? Photo: Adam Scotti/Flickr
Live strategy roundtable on the 2011 election.
May 30
Photo: Saynine/Flickr
An inquest in Ontario is expected to expose the high rates of prescription painkiller-related deaths in Canada.
May 28
Hundreds of McGill University students take on the vote mob challenge, April 2011. Photo: Adam Scotti/Flickr
Participation could lead to big changes.