Oct 14
Canada's 99 per cent prepares...
Oct 13
Brad Wall makes friends at a University of Saskatchewan football game in Aug. 2011.
Premier Brad Wall holds sway with Saskatchewan voters.
Oct 12
The A-Zone, in Winnipeg's historic Exchange District. Photo: Jon Schledewitz
The A-Zone has been a hub for radical organizing.
Oct 11
Bay Street, Toronto. Photo: Mister V/Flickr
Duncan Cameron on taking private bank profit and making it work for all of us.
Oct 10
Photo: Mat McDermott
Wall Street is the perfect target for an occupation.
Oct 7
Anti-austerity rally in Toronto in September. Photo: Krystalline Kraus
The left need to resolve a handful of strategic questions for greater success.
Oct 6
Photo:  Caro Lander/Flickr
Take part in our babble discussion forum as the results come in!
Oct 5
Photo: Marco Vigliotti
I was one of many arrested last week for participating in civil disobedience in Ottawa.
Oct 4
Across Canada on Oct. 4.
Oct 3
Wali Farah, running for the NDP in Ottawa-South, was one of the provincial election candidates called in to speak to Muslim youth in Ottawa.
Engaging young people in politics meaningfully.
Sep 30
Photo: Russell Maynard
The head of Vancouver’s Dr. Peter AIDS Centre, which also offers supervised injection services, responds to the Supreme Court’s ruling.
Sep 29
Photo: Velcrow Ripper
#OccupyWallStreet is becoming a living laboratory for direct democracy.
Sep 29
Photo: zingersb/Flickr
The cost of debt culture.
Sep 28
Photo: David P. Ball
Police escorted speech-goers into Vancouver and Calgary venues as protesters call for former U.S. VP's arrest.
Sep 27
Photo: Shrieking Tree/Flickr
Let us tell you about rabble.ca's activist toolkit.
Sep 26
Brigette DePape says anyone can protest inequity and injustice.
Sep 23
Aquifer supplying water for a million people endangered by massive quarry project.
Aquifer supplying water for a million people endangered by massive quarry project.
Sep 22
Today, the Palestinian Authority is pursuing a state on 22 per cent of their historic homeland. The least we can ask of our government is to support this move at the UN.
Sep 21
Police preparing to clear the Free Speech Zone during the G20 mass arrest in Toronto, June 2010. Photo:  Nicolai Grut/Flickr
Crime and punishment sold in a bundle
Sep 19
Flowers grace Jack Layton's desk in parliament shortly after the NDP leader's death in August.
Parliament resumes -- without Jack Layton.
Sep 19
Toronto singer-songwriter Amai Kuda
The Toronto-based singer-songwriter is releasing her first CD in early October, the self-produced album called 'Sand from the Sea.'
Sep 16
An action in 2010 by the Rainforest Action Network. Photo: Rainforest Action Network/Flickr
Our wiki-style Toolkit, with a wealth of resources, aims to be a space for activist collaboration.
Sep 15
Mary Simon, the president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami. Photo: Melissa Irwin.
With Inuit suicide rates 11 times higher than the rest of Canada, leaders and activists gathered in Ottawa to discuss the tragedy.
Sep 14
Action against dumping barrels nuclear waste by the dumpship RIJNBORG, north Atlantic : 1982. Photo: © Greenpeace / Pierre Gleizes
On our anniversary, we call on Canadians to take action against the tar sands.
Sep 13
A community meeting at Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto to discuss the cuts to social service program by the Rob Ford administration at Toronto City Hall. Photo: John Bonner
Neighbours break bread and discuss the fight ahead.
Sep 12
You Should Have Stayed at Home: Praxis Theatre brings G20 to the stage
Political drama depicts G20 police abuse of protesters.
Sep 8
As the twin towers were collapsing and millions were seeking more information, rabble's discussion forum, babble, became an integral part of 9/11 coverage.
Sep 7
Hundreds sat in at the White House to tell President Obama to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Photo: Shadia Fayne Wood, TarSandsAction.org
Sep 6
Agriculture workers take part in Toronto's annual Labour Day parade. Photo: Meagan Perry
Sep 5
Happy Labour Day! Photo: cr3/Flickr
Politically, unions have provided a balance to the power of money. This is something that the moneyed powerful cannot stand.