Jan 28
Spent American-made tear gas cannisters after they were fired at democracy protesters in Cairo, Jan 29. 2011.
American activist Tighe Barry an eyewitness in Egypt.
Jan 27
Jasmine for the people.
Flowers for the people.
Jan 27
Photo: CBAN
Meet Enviropig™.
Jan 25
Jack Layton at the anti-prorogation rally in Ottawa in Jan. 2010. Photo: John Hansen
Talking about a 2011 election...
Jan 25
An inukshuk in Nunavut. Photo: jumpyjoad/Flickr
Book review: Polar Imperative by Shelagh D. Grant
Jan 24
Straying Continents by El Anatsui of Ghana, detail. The piece has been purchased by the Royal Ontario Museum.
Masterful retrospective.
Jan 21
They're baaack! Harper's attack ads.
Jan 20
Water droplets on leaves.
A new documentary charts how water misuse flows...
Jan 19
Secession referendum voters in Yei, Southern Sudan, go to the polling station under a mango tree. Photo: John Lewis.
Despite having its funding cut, Kairos carries on.
Jan 18
A walk around refineries near Fort McMurray to heal the tar sands took place in Aug. 2010. Photo: Jason Franson.
First of a series on the politics of oil and Canada's climate change goals.
Jan 17
Photo: Kashmera/Flickr
One prime minister, two books.
Jan 14
Buying Hamilton.
Jan 13
Photo: robotdot/Flickr
There is no fine line.
Jan 12
Tommy Douglas, leader of the NDP in 1971.
A modest proposal.
Jan 11
Photo courtesy of Sophie Harkat.
Eight years of security certificate hell.
Jan 10
A Dec. 4, 2010 solidarity demonstration for journalists and staff at Le Journal de Montreal. Photo: Ted Sprague
Scabs hold the fort.
Jan 7
The fight to save Ottawa's Beaver Pond forest from developers. Photo: www.ottawasgreatforest.com
Habitat marked for clear-cutting.
Jan 6
Brazilian peacekeepers from the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) distribute water and food in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 22/Jan/2010. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. UN Photo/Marco Dormino/Flickr
On December 25, the Organization of American States removed their special representative... for telling the truth about Haiti.
Jan 5
Prime Minister Stephen Harper in effigy at an anti-prorogue rally in Ottawa, Jan. 2010. Photo: Greg Pang/Flickr
Help topple the king.
Jan 3
The tar sands and the Enbridge pipeline across B.C. will be a problem for Stephen Harper in 2011. Photo: The world wants a real deal/Flickr
The environment bites back.
Dec 22
Happy holidays from rabble.ca!
Dec 21
Sharon McIvor, the First Nations woman whose constitutional challenge to the Indian Act is the inspiration for Bill C-3, has filed a complaint against Canada with the United Nations Human Rights Committee.
Aboriginal women are still denied their rights.
Dec 20
U.K. politician and anti-war activist George Galloway enjoyed the bracing air in Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's constituency in Calgary on Nov. 24.
Lessons and what is next.
Dec 18
Supporters blow on vuvuzelas during the noisy protest at the Burnaby Youth Detention Centre, where women and children have been held since arriving in Canada in August.  Photo: Isaac Oommen, Vancouver Media Co-op
Noisy protest in Burnaby, B.C., to support detained women and children.
Dec 17
The Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance System (GEODSS) facility at Diego Garcia is one of three operational sites worldwide. Photo: United States Air Force photo/Senior Master Sgt. John Rohrer/Wikipedia.
Paradise lost for a U.S. military base.
Dec 16
Irish protesters march through Dublin against the deal struck between their government and the IMF and European Central Bank on Nov. 27.  To the left is the GPO -- the General Post Office -- the headquarters of 1916 uprising. Photo: lusciousblopster
The people pay.
Dec 15
The humiliation of inequality: An interview with Richard Wilkinson.
Canada's reputation as a fair and equal society is in tatters.
Dec 14
Liberty Lost (G20, Toronto). Photo montage by Carole Conde and Karl Beveridge.
Dec 13
Photo: dontcallmeikke/Flickr
What would the world look like if the right-wing had its way?
Dec 10
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