Jul 9
Alberta Labour Minister Jason Copping addressing yesterday's "embargoed news conference" as "red tape reduction minister" Grant Hunter looks on. Image: Screenshot of Alberta Government video
Bill 32 has nothing to do with restoring balance in Alberta's workplaces. It's a wholesale effort to hamstring unions.
Jul 8
Image: engin akyurt/unsplash
Reforms to Canada's employment insurance system are necessary, say workers' advocates.
Jul 7
Image: Joan Villalon/Unsplash
Canada is decades behind in collecting race-based data in the public sector. Advocates have long fought for easier access to disaggregated data from the criminal justice system.
Jul 3
Image: Ye Jinghan/Unsplash
Police officers carry the name, but don't monopolize the practice. Policing is structurally integral to all of our institutions, and is carried out both "benevolently" and violently.
Jun 30
Image: Mitchel Raphael
As calls to defund the police mount, police unions are already starting to put up a fight.
Jun 25
Image: Mitchel Raphael
Why defunding the police is a crucial and necessary step to dismantling the carceral system.
Jun 24
AUPE president Guy Smith addresses media at the Edmonton Court House this morning as the union's lawyer, Patrick Nugent, looks on. Image: AUPE
AUPE president Guy Smith vowed to fight the UCP's Bill 1 all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary, and to "defend any and all AUPE members or staff who are caught in the bill's cross-hairs."
Jun 22
A woman holds a Black Lives Matter sign. Image: Joan Villalon/Unsplash
Manufactured mortality among Black and Indigenous people is a fundamental mechanism by which the world operates. Addressing this inequity requires action on a global scale.
Jun 15
A George Floyd mural in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Image: Lorie Shaull/Flickr
As we reflect on George Floyd, it would be a mistake to think that the murder revealed something new to the Black community about the injustice that led to his death.
Jun 12
Is the federal government's delay in delivering its response to the MMIWG report due to plans to infuse it into its pandemic recovery strategy? Recent government actions leave room for doubt.
Jun 10
Police at the June 6, 2020 Black Lives Matter protest in Toronto. Image: Mitchel Raphael
New tools and policies will not resolve the problem that emerges from arming a small group of mostly white men in an unequal, racist society, and giving them the power to defend the status quo.
Jun 9
Image: Mike_fleming/Flickr
Cities across Canada are moving to install more CCTV cameras for policing, but communities in Toronto are fighting back.
Jun 3
Image: Johnny Silvercloud/Flickr
Tools for allies of the ongoing protests against police brutality.
Jun 1
Image: Regis Korchinski-Paquet/Facebook
This tragedy is yet another reminder of how police continue to fail our community, and that we can't trust an institution that inherently views Black people as a threat.
May 28
Image: Stephen Rees/Flickr
Unions across the country intend to leverage current broad public support for grocery store workers to lobby for permanent wage increases.
May 28
An Ontario Loblaws store. Image: Chelsea Nash/rabble.ca
Canadian grocery store workers and their unions are concerned about the looming prospect of their temporary wage increase coming to an end.
May 26
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Image: CanadianPM/Twitter/Video screenshot
Seems like a great victory, until you remember that Canada is a federal country, and, except for a few federally regulated sectors, most Canadian workers are governed by provincial labour laws.
May 22
Minister for Women and Gender Equality Maryam Monsef. Image: Maryam Monsef/Twitter/Video screenshot
The crisis has created a "shadow pandemic" -- violence against women and children. Increased isolation, and the stress it has created, has resulted in more severe violence than ever before.
May 21
Image: Boden Deplaedt/Unsplash
In his new book, James Wilt makes a convincing case for why public transit options better serve the most marginalized members of our society at a lower cost.
May 20
Ontario Premier Doug Ford at a March 2020 press conference. Image: Premier of Ontario Photography/Flickr
At this precarious and uncertain stage in the pandemic, it is workers in often insecure and low-paid jobs whom employers and governments want back on the job.
May 19
Foodora worker and organizer Ivan Ostos. Image: Tess Siksay
The Foodora workers' union drive set a precedent for app-based gig workers in Ontario, but the path to its labour board victory offers a lesson in organizing disconnected workforces.
May 15
Jason Kenney with Jack Mintz in 2015. Image: Jason Kenney/Twitter
University of Calgary Professor Jack Mintz, appointed in March to lead Jason Kenney's "emergency economic panel," has joined other right-wing commentators in calling for public-sector rollbacks.
May 13
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. Image: Jagmeet Singh/Twitter/Video screenshot
One of the many unprecedented aspects of our current crisis is the way the federal party in power has been ready to quickly accept constructive suggestions from opposition parties.
May 12
A streetcar passes through a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. Image: La Citta Vita/Flickr
We cannot afford to return to a business-as-usual economic model that kills many, impoverishes millions and fuels global warming.
May 11
Anti-war protesters during one of the first Mother's Days in history. Image: bravenewfoundation/Video Screenshot/YouTube
This Mother's Day let us recall the radical origins of the day and the women who proclaimed it to be a day to challenge war and militarism.
May 7
Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. Image: Alberta Newsroom/Flickr
Neither the workers, nor their union think the plant has become safe. The UFCW is taking legal action to force a shutdown, until Cargill can absolutely guarantee safe conditions for all employees.
May 6
Wolves - Discovery Center in West Yellowstone in 2009. Image: Shawn Kinkade/Flickr
Whether it's conservation or rewilding, we know that when we give nature a chance, it bounces back. Because we're part of nature and rely on everything it provides, that's to our benefit.
May 5
Workers at the Coastal GasLink project site on unceded Wet'suwet'en land on April 1, 2020. Image: Unist'ot'en Camp/Video Screenshot/Twitter
The grave threat posed by COVID-19 across the American hemisphere, especially to Indigenous peoples, is exacerbated by extractivism.
May 1
Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier. Image: Diane Lebouthillier/Twitter
Many major Canadian companies thinly disguise their use of offshore tax evasion schemes by shifting funds to subsidiary or related companies.
Apr 30
Image: Province of British Columbia/Flickr
When labour is feminized, it is structurally undervalued and even delegitimized. The COVID-19 crisis further exposes the ways that this process puts workers in harm's way.