Nov 2
Clouds gather over Toronto's farm regions
Nov 1
Omar Khadr, the Canadian child soldier detained by U.S. forces in Afghanistan in July 2002, can never sue the U.S. for miscarriage of justice. This is part of a plea bargain that will see him serve eight more years in prison.
Sentenced to 40 years, serving eight.
Oct 29
A stretch of northern B.C. coastline. Photo: Brian Huntington
No tankers. No pipeline. No destruction here.
Oct 28
Young people celebrate We Day in Vancouver on October 15. Photo Rebecca Bollwitt/Flickr
Eighteen thousand teens gather in Vancouver.
Oct 27
Journalist Stevie Cameron speaks to rabble.
Journalist Stevie Cameron speaks to rabble.
Oct 26
Listen to the Banned is a unique collection of contemporary songs by artists from around the world who have been censored, persecuted, taken to court, imprisoned and even tortured for a very simple reason - their music.
Music by censored, imprisoned and tortured artists.
Oct 25
A UN police officer points a pistol at freelance journalist Ansel Hertz during the protest in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Oct. 15. Photo: Gaetantguevara/Flickr
Journalists targeted by UN guns confirms growing tension in Port-au-Prince.
Oct 22
Criminalizing activists: Are law enforcers justifying the massive costs of the G20 Summit?
Oct 21
Colour of Poverty Campaign 2008. Photo: Women's Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor Inc.
Only Joe Pantalone gets it.
Oct 20
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter developmental test helmet in 2007.
The $16-billion debacle continues...
Oct 19
Chinese currency floats in a fountain in Tibet. Photo: kholkute/Flickr
When faced with a choice between acting on its own behalf, or helping out the world financial system, the U.S. looks to itself. Yet it is surprised when China does this too.
Oct 18
Former Afghan MP Malalai Joya in 2007. Photo: AfghanKabul
Former Afghan MP Malalai Joya spoke in Vancouver.
Oct 15
Chief Dr. Billy Diamond. Photo: Ian Diamond/
The former grand chief of the Grand Council of the Crees, a passionate defender of his people, died on September 30. This is a speech from earlier this year.
Oct 14
Photo: D'Arcy Norman
We need to press voter equality and proportional representations at the municipal level.
Oct 13
A shot of our first completed stove constructed out of ceramic bricks, mud and water. It took 3-4 hours to build. Photo: Hilary King
A teenager from Montreal goes to Peru to work on service projects, including school building, and comes away with a life-changing experience.
Oct 12
Photo: Adam MacIsaac
Because speaking the truth shouldn't be criminalized.
Oct 12
Toronto's mayoral candidates debate. Photo: SarahThomsonTO/Flikr
Lamenting the options for Toronto's next mayor.
Oct 8
James K. Galbraith
Economist James K. Galbraith, the son of famed Canadian economist John Kenneth Galbraith, regaled delegates with his analysis of the roots of the economic recession.
Oct 7
Lenin's Tomb in Moscow's Red Square. Photo: Ron Verzuh
A visit to Lenin's Tomb in smoky Moscow is a trip into the paradox of Russia's past and its present.
Oct 6
El Salvador documentary digs into country's pain and hope.
Return to El Salvador is essentially a call to arms, in the best sense.
Oct 3
Go to rabbleTV for the Livestream repeat.
Oct 1
Photo: marcovdz/Flickr
Protests in Paris.
Sep 30
An Anishinaabe dream: Writer and activist Robert Animikii Horton. Photo: Joseph 'J.R.' Shebagegit
I have a dream that one day in our traditional territories coming generations will scarcely recall the time when sacred agreements of partnership and brotherhood faltered.
Sep 29
Three Canadian Members of Parliament and others visited Palestine on a fact finding mission.
Sep 28
Then U.K. MP George Galloway speaking to the media at Trafalgar Square, London. Photo: Tristam Sparks/Flickr
Former British MP to announce plans to return to Canada. Story includes Federal Court ruling and links to's investigation into the case.
Sep 27
Security Council summit on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, Sept. 2009. Photo: United Nations
Stephen Harper wants a place at this table.
Sep 24
July 2010: Protesting an activist's arrest for blowing bubbles during the G20 protest. Photo: Krystalline Kraus.
This week on Not Rex, Muriel Wiens takes a look at the rise of the bubble -- at protests, in politics and online.
Sep 23
Marc and Jodie Emery hug before Marc is taken away, Sept. 28, 2009. Photo: Dave O/Flickr
The marijuana legalization activist describes what life in a U.S. prison has been like for her husband.
Sep 21
An Iraq War protest in San Fransisco in 2008. Photo: Alex Robinson/Flickr
"Kevin," an American war resister, has been in hiding for four years in Calgary. He left home so he would not be sent back to Iraq and its "fraternity of guns."
Sep 20
Abousfian Abdelrazik, a portrait, September 2010. © Darren Ell 2010/
The Sudanese-Canadian was trapped in Khartoum for years, imprisoned, and tortured.