Oct 6
El Salvador documentary digs into country's pain and hope.
Return to El Salvador is essentially a call to arms, in the best sense.
Oct 3
Go to rabbleTV for the Livestream repeat.
Oct 1
Photo: marcovdz/Flickr
Protests in Paris.
Sep 30
An Anishinaabe dream: Writer and activist Robert Animikii Horton. Photo: Joseph 'J.R.' Shebagegit
I have a dream that one day in our traditional territories coming generations will scarcely recall the time when sacred agreements of partnership and brotherhood faltered.
Sep 29
Three Canadian Members of Parliament and others visited Palestine on a fact finding mission.
Sep 28
Then U.K. MP George Galloway speaking to the media at Trafalgar Square, London. Photo: Tristam Sparks/Flickr
Former British MP to announce plans to return to Canada. Story includes Federal Court ruling and links to rabble.ca's investigation into the case.
Sep 27
Security Council summit on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, Sept. 2009. Photo: United Nations
Stephen Harper wants a place at this table.
Sep 24
July 2010: Protesting an activist's arrest for blowing bubbles during the G20 protest. Photo: Krystalline Kraus.
This week on Not Rex, Muriel Wiens takes a look at the rise of the bubble -- at protests, in politics and online.
Sep 23
Marc and Jodie Emery hug before Marc is taken away, Sept. 28, 2009. Photo: Dave O/Flickr
The marijuana legalization activist describes what life in a U.S. prison has been like for her husband.
Sep 21
An Iraq War protest in San Fransisco in 2008. Photo: Alex Robinson/Flickr
"Kevin," an American war resister, has been in hiding for four years in Calgary. He left home so he would not be sent back to Iraq and its "fraternity of guns."
Sep 20
Abousfian Abdelrazik, a portrait, September 2010. © Darren Ell 2010/www.darrenell.com
The Sudanese-Canadian was trapped in Khartoum for years, imprisoned, and tortured.
Sep 19
Saturday June 26, 2010 Toronto: Get Off the Fence Rally. Photo: David Coombs/Flickr
The court system had decided twice that Hundert should remain free.
Sep 18
Five hundred Sears Canada warehouse employees remain on the picket lines.
Five hundred Sears Canada warehouse employees remain on the picket lines.
Sep 17
Taxpayers have no voice.
Taxpayers have no voice.
Sep 15
'I look up at a net hanging above the souk. It’s full of garbage and other debris. The Jewish settlers, who number about 500, have built homes above the market street. I am told the net is to protect the Palestinians below.' Photo: Rachel Marcuse.
My conclusions after spending 20 days exploring and questioning in Israel and the West Bank.
Sep 14
Photo: Kevin Edmonds.
Abuses against banana growers are rife as western multi-nationals squeeze all the goodness and money out of Canada's love affair with that delectable fruit.
Sep 13
The tar sands action during the visit of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, on Sept. 9. Photo: Ben Powless
Impacts and resistance to the tar sands megaproject in Alberta are broad and increasingly well known -- and are spreading like wildfire around the globe.
Sep 10
Duo Lakes, the Peel Watershed, Yukon. Photo: Shannon Thompson
Yukon First Nations mobilize to protect traditional territories in the Peel River Watershed in the northeast of the province, and gain attention from around the world.
Sep 9
A candlelight vigil in Union Square, New York, September 2001. Photo: September Mourning/Flickr
The ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the United States should serve as a moment to reflect on tolerance, says Amy Goodman.
Sep 8
The Toronto Vegetarian Association held its first support local farm sanctuaries 'trot-a-thon' fundraiser.
Sep 7
Reclining Woman on Leopard Skin by Otto Dix (1927). Part of Rouge Cabaret: Love, Death, the Terrifying and Beautiful World of Otto Dix at Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts.
An exhibition of Otto Dix paintings in Montreal inspires comparisons between the condemnation of 'Degenerate Art' by Hitler and the attitude to art in the war-loving neo-con times in which we live.
Sep 6
Condominiums in downtown Vancouver. Photo: Gord McKenna/Flickr
Just as white flight was rooted in xenophobia and racism, gentrification relies on displacement and neglect of marginalized people. At the heart of both is the suppression of alternative narratives.
Sep 2
The long and the short -- census, guns and more. Photo: publik16/Flickr
A summer of longing for a return to reason.
Sep 1
'A little girl puts on my hat and sunglasses. She doesn't speak English, but as always with kids, it doesn't really matter.' Photo: Rachel Marcuse
We enter another world, crossing the border into the West Bank.
Aug 31
House for sale in Newfoundland. Photo: Emily Urquhart
Families who lived in rural Newfoundland for generations left after the collapse of traditional industry, and wealthy outsiders are moving in.
Aug 30
Indie Inside: Jasper Sloan Yip
The first time the Vancouver singer-songwriter performed, he built a stage in his backyard and sang until the police arrived.
Aug 27
Humberto DaSilva chews on the future of food and inaction by Canadian regulators.
Food and inaction by Canadian regulators.
Aug 26
Representatives of Enbridge received formal notice from Wet'suweten hereditary chiefs that the company was trespassing on Wet'suwet'en lands. Photo: Pat Moss
Representatives of Enbridge received formal notice from Wet'suweten hereditary chiefs that the company was trespassing on Wet'suwet'en lands.
Aug 25
Playing chess at a 'leftie' bar in Haifa, Israel. Photo: Rachel Marcuse
Coming out of the 'Birthright haze' to try to begin to engage with the 'pluralism' that exists in Israel and Palestine.
Aug 24
Aug. 9, 2010: People wade through flooded streets in Charsadda, Pakistan. Photo: U.K. Department of International  Development/Flickr
The massive floods in Pakistan that affect 20 million people are far from a random 'natural disaster.' Rather, they are a predictable result of human negligence and strife.