Alternatives Journal issue 35:4 is entitled The New Ecology, and in this five-part podcast, we go deep with two contributors, short with one other, and have fun with the title term “Ecology” in another.

Intro: 0m20 – 2m29

Editorial Overview: 2m32 – 26m27 (dur.25m07)

For our regular Editorial Overview I sought out Nicola Ross as she arrived at the Drake Hotel in Toronto for the Earth Day Canada HomeTown Hero awards (presented this year to Liz Benneian, volunteer President of the Oakvillegreen Conservation Association). Nicola took extra time to give us an overview of some of the articles not covered in this podcast.

William Rees 26m38 – 1h05m20 (dur. 38m42)
My interview with human ecologist and ecological environmentalist William Rees was loosely based on his “What If… Prime Minister Harper and President Obama lead as if ecology mattered”. But Rees is so compelling a speaker that I just followed along as he covered far more ground – like why policticans don’t listen to good advice, why a zero-growth economy is necessary, and why more money doesn’t make us any happier or better off. His arguments just might change your life.

Microbiologist Jessica Wong tells us why examining microscopic creatures will improve our understanding of the ecology of our planet. 1h05m31 – 1h12m22 (dur 06m51)

What is Ecology anyway? 1h12m32 – 1h18m13 (dur 05m41)
As I read the magazine, the New Ecology issue, preparing for the podcast interviews, I realized that I had only a foggy notion of what Ecology really meant. So I headed out to ask Torontonians for help. Their answers are surprising.

Moir Brown on Right Whale protection 1h18m22 – 1h51m51 (dur 33m29)
Right Whale researcher Moira Brown got only a few column inches in this print issue of Alternatives but her experiences following these long-lived creatures (they can live 75 years or more) and protecting their habitat made for a fascinating interview.

Producer: Peter Stock

The music used in this podcast is “Urban Nocturne” by Mark Sylvester


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