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We’re hearing a lot about the benefits of 5G wireless networks, the next generation of broadband which will give us faster speeds on our wireless devices, but the downside of the technology isn’t getting near as much press. Among its benefits: it will make self-driving cars possible, enable robotics in factories which are managed from remote servers, and improve the delivery of remote medical care.

In Canada, the rollout is beginning this year. 5G has the potential to drastically improve internet performance in rural areas where there is no access to wired infrastructure. Anybody who’s out in a rural area and who has to go to a webinar or online meeting understands why that’s a good thing.

But despite the benefits that 5G will bring, there are voices that are saying “not so fast.” Today’s two guests are among those who are cautioning that the evidence is not clear that 5G wireless technology is safe.

There is a wide range of studies which go between extremes. On one extreme there are some who say it’s perfectly safe, while others raise fears of the coming 5G apocalypse. For non-scientists, it’s hard to know what to believe. In the middle are voices which are not anti-technology, but are raising the caution flag.

Today’s rabble radio guests are in that category. We’ll hear from Frank Clegg, a former president of Microsoft Canada. With 40 years experience in IT, he is now CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology. This interview was done by Michael Welch of the Global Research News Hour in September of 2019.

In our second interview Victoria Fenner talks to Mark Gildenhaar of Kingstonians for Safe Technology about organizing at the local level. 

Image: Alistair McIntyre/Pixabay

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