The world has been watching Haiti ever since a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the country on January 12. If you are wanting to donate money to the relief effort the Canada Hait Action Network has listed NGOs they think are best able to deliver aid. You can find that link at

 (2:00 – 6:54) Sarah Kramer is a volunteer with Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods, an organization dedicated to grassroots change in HAITI through ecological sanitation projects, technology, and garbage transformation. Like many volunteers in the country, Kramer was thrown into a different kind of action when the earthquake hit and has been helping the relief effort since then.  Kramer  is trying to dispel the myth that Haitians have become desperate and violent in this time of crisis by sharing stories of hope.  One of her letters came to the rabble podcast network, and we thought we would share it with you. 

(6:54 – 9:30) Emeline Michel – Many Rivers to Cross from the Hope for Haiti benefit concert. You can purchase the song and disk at itunes.

(10:26 – 13:36)  It seems like just last year that Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that he was shutting down parliament until after the Olympics. Comedians have had a field day with his decision, and so, it turns out, have activists.  The activist’s field day happened this weekend when scheduled actions across Canada brought out over 25 000 people who wanted to tell Stephen Harper that they are not happy with his decision to shut down parliament, and stall democratic debate in Canada. In over 30 cities citizens gathered with their placards and chants.  The rabble podcast network collected audio from four cities in Canada. Here are the voices of Canada’s people, telling the Prime Minister just what they think of his prorogation.

( 14:25 – 19:32) It has been over a month since the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Although many were disappointed by the results that came out of COP 15, activists from around the world who were not allowed into the forums’ larger meetings gathered at Klimaforum where they discussed the changes that needed to happen with an eye to bringing new ideas home. Zahra Moloo is an independent journalist from Kenya. She was at Klimaforum gathering the voices of African delegates. Over the next few episodes, Rabble radio will be featuring those interviews. Today, we’re going to hear from the University of Nigeria’s Dr. Julia Agwu


(20:10 – 24:06) Music: Emeline Michel Mon Reve. You can purchase this song at itunes.



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