Who will make the best leader of the NDP and does it matter? Some surprising answers from Murray Dobbin, Corvin Russell, Simon Tremblay Pepin, Josh Brandon, Herman Rosenfeld, Stefan Christoff.

(0:49-1:33) Show Introduction
(1:33-6:33) Headlines
(6:33-11:26) Around the Left – Events and activities of Interest across the country
(12:00-17:20) Member of Canadian Dimension Collective Corvin Russell
(17:20-23:06) Writer and blogger Murray Dobbin
(23:06-29:26) Winnipeg based environmental activist Josh Brandon
(29:26-32:46) Canadian Dimension Labour Columnist Herman Rosenfeld
(32:46-37:05) Simon Tremblay Pepin, Francophone Quebecker and researcher with IRIS.
(37:05-42:33) Community activist and writer Stefan Christoff
(43:05-59:32) Music is the Weapon – Mitch Podoluk spotlights The Weavers!
(59:32-1:00:32) Closing credits

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