September 24th 2010 – <strong> In our second critical mass show, we take the final 1.5 hours and dedicate it to bike music</strong> – that is, songs about biking (as was presented to me by DJ Greasy Chain).  But that is cut out of this rabble podcast…

In hour one, dan reads some warming stories of G20 love, we hear from the rally in support of [email protected] radio co-host Alex Hundert, who was again arrested by the blue man group in toronto. as we let you know last week on [email protected] radio (not yet uploaded – damn audacity!!) was a speaker at several panel speaking events. well, the #assclowns @torontoPolice arrested him on friday after speaking at ryerson U along side @JudyRebick. Some other pretty important news and music going out to our jailed Nestor.

for the whole 2.5 hour show see:[email protected]


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