Chinese government increases pressure on workers

While China is still the world’s factory, it is also increasing its labour force in areas of health, education and welfare.

Since the Tiananmen protest of 1989, workers have been tightly controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). While over the last decade, there has been upsurges in workers action, the last couple of years has seen the CCP tighten its control of workers and repress any attempt for independent organizing.

This month, Sheung So from the Labour Education and Service Network, a Hong Kong based NGO, was in Melbourne. APC was able to interview her for an update on the situation for workers in China.

Asia Pacific Currents provides updates of labour struggles and campaigns from the Asia Pacific region. It is produced by Australia Asia Worker Links, in the studio of 3CR Radio in Melbourne, Australia

Image: Wikimedia – Chinese workers lining up before work

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