Image: The Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation. Used with permission.

Losing friends, family and loved ones to incurable diseases is difficult at best. Most of us have had to endure the wrath of old age, sickness and palliative care in one form or another. To lose a son less than two years of age is something altogether different.

Dr. Mazen Kamen created The Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation shortly after the death of his 19-month-old son to brain cancer.

Dr. Kamen and Face2Face host David Peck talk about the complexity of the brain, emotions, faith and grief, making good choices, chronic illness, and diseases that are no longer death sentences.

The Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the treatment and survival of children with glioma brain tumours through the funding of pediatric glioma brain tumour research. Their scientific advisory board consists of leading experts in the field of pediatric glioma brain tumours who provide insight and guidance into the most promising research opportunities that examine causes as well as safer, more effective treatment options.

The foundation provides funding for cutting-edge research programs aimed at finding promising treatment for children with glioma brain tumours. One funded program uses brain cells from current glioma patients which are used to grow miniature three dimensional human brain-like structures know as cerebral organoids. When mature, tumours are introduced to the organoids, allowing doctors to use experimental treatments on DNA identical replicas. 

Among children age 14 and younger, brain and central nervous system tumours are the leading cause of cancer-related deaths. There are about 28,000 children and teenagers living in the United States with primary brain or central nervous system tumours and an estimated 4,600 more children will be diagnosed each year. The high death toll reveals a need to quickly find more effective treatment options and a cure.

Learn more about the foundation here.

About Dr. Kamen: Dr. Mazen Kamen, MD, is a practicing cardiologist (heart specialist) in New York, NY. Dr. Kamen graduated from New York University School of Medicine in 1983 and has been in practice for 36 years. He completed a residency at New York University. Dr. Kamen also specializes in internal medicine, and is board certified in cardiovascular disease.

Image: The Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation. Used with permission.

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