July 13 2012 – We report on the events in Bolivia where indigenous land defenders were attacked by police and some were killed as canadian mining firms continue their relentless and destructive drive to extract metals from all corners fo the earth.  In response, the Bolivian government nationalised the mine site!!!!!! 

Closer to home, as blockades came down at one indigenous land-protection site in quebec (Attikamek), another (Barriere Lake) reached out for support as the capitalist-colonial apparatus continues to ignore and dishonour treaty and other agreements with Indigenous nations. We play an interview with Norman Matchewan of Barriere from Stephanie Clermont of CKUT and the media co-op

Defending the Land Dispatch is a segment on the weekly 2 hour [email protected] radio (16:00-18:00est) on CKMS 100.3  – Community * Co-op * Campus Radio – Waterloo – http://soundfm.ca

 music from @atribecalledred and others 🙂

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