July 20th 2012 – In this week’s Defending the Land Dispatch, we present 2 pieces from Barriere Lake, one regarding the anti-logging camp, and one about the traditional Mamwikwek –  Algonquin Women’s Unity, and one calling for action against the illegal logging.  Much has progressed at Barriere since this podcast was recorded and the media co-op have been covering it well.

We also give e slight update about the No Sludge! campaign in Dundalk ontario where the Ontario Political Police, have decided to charge the local youth, Indigenous men and women, and Grand River Media Collective journalist Kalin Stacey, who allegedly trespassed on the site of a proposed sludge plant, sitting in a wetland at the headwaters of the Grand River and the Saugeen River.  The incident allegedly took place after a friendly 300 person march through the town which stopped at the then 95 day old blockade at the site.

I also read a piece on defending the Attawapiskat River, talk about the kinda unofficial end of the enbridge northern gateway project, and update on the nationalisation of a canadian mining project in Bolivia


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