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Methods of protest vary, and there has been much discussion between Canadians lately about certain methods employed by demonstrators at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. After media denounced the destruction of property, including the smashing of a Hudson Bay Company window, some activists have suggested that such strategies could harm the greater cause. Others believe that by criticizing diversity of tactics, the movement’s solidarity is undermined.

On Saturday, Feb. 20, at the W2 Community Media Arts Centre in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, rabble.ca and Working TV co-hosted a public discussion on the topic. StopWar.ca activist and writer, Derrick O’Keefe questioned a diversity of tactics. No One is Illegal activist and writer Harsha Walia expressed its benefits.

Please stay tuned for audio from the second half of the event, which consisted of a Q&A with O’Keefe and Walia, followed by audience discussion.

Click here for Part 2 of the discussion.

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