This edition of the Eco Update on [email protected] Radio jumps into mining operations in Canada and elsewhere undertaken by Canadian corporations on behalf of their capitalist owners. We look to South and Latin America for updates on continuing violence perpetrated against anti-mining activists and other community members opposed to having an ecologically devestating mine on their land. We see how far logging copanies will go to intimidate Indigenous groups and we highlight a few ways to resist mining in Canada, including getting tied up in the toothless and corrupt environmental impact assessment process (CEAA).

We also have an important report from the Artic Methane Emergency Group which has advised those paying attention that the Artic Ocean will be free of sea ice year-round before the end of this decade — many years earlier then previously predicted. This will of course allow shipping and mining in the fragile waters, but more importantly, this will also significantly increase the rate of methane leak into the atmospherhe (right now it’s all frozen beneath the sea), further driving climate change.

All this and more, and at least one tune “Mother Earth” from the Tra La Las (

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