It’s been a great autumn for podcast anniversaries!

1.) One year ago on October 6, Indian and Cowboy made its internet debut. Indian & Cowboy is a listener supported media network consisting of Indigenous media makers, artists, storytellers, musicians & producers rooted firmly at the intersection between digital media art, podcasting & Indigenous Storytelling.  Roshini Nair did this feature for rabble radio with Ryan McMahon, the founder of Indian and Cowboy. (click on the link for a transcript of Roshini’s entire interview for rabble.ca)


2.) The rabble podcast network celebrated its 10th birthday on September 10, 2015 in Toronto.  It was a dynamic night, full of lots of things for us to think about as we look back and consider the future of podcasting. On the panel — Meagan Perry, who was our podcast network executive producer before she was bumped up the ladder to rabble.ca’s editor in chief. Victoria Fenner, who took over from Meagan as executive producer of the rpn, moderated the evening.   Also on the panel were Wayne MacPhail, one of our co-founders of the network, and Rick Harp of MEDIA INDIGENA , an interactive, multimedia magazine dedicated to Indigenous news, views and creative expression.

And Nora Young, co-founder of the podcast The Sniffer and also host and producer of CBC Radio’s program Spark. Nora begins our excerpt from the rabble 10th anniversary by talking about the big broadcasters and podcasting.


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