As a former medical research scientist, Jane Riley has broad academic credentials and work experience that give her an understanding of the causes of morbidity and how to prevent some of the most common. She earned undergraduate degrees in kinesiology and physiology, a master’s degree in histology and a PhD equivalency in pathology before conducting research in cancer laboratories in Ontario and the U.S. She also has extensive international credentials in various aspects of fitness and nutrition.

Jane is an international wellness speaker whose London (Ontario Canada) radio show aired weekdays for more than two years. Her call-in and interview show featured guests from the health, fitness and medical disciplines.

Jane’s passion today is education about your best defense against common diseases and simple illnesses…prevention. She teaches about the lifestyle choices that can make the difference between good health and a lifetime of chronic sickness. She enjoys talking to groups whose individual health affects the wellbeing of others in the work place, school or family.

Lynn Thompson spoke with Jane Riley in August 2008 on Vancouver Island.

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