In the spring of 2006 Todd Butler released his CD entitled “Idle Canadian”, produced with his trio that includes Vince Ditrich on drums/vocals, and on bass guitars, Lee Oliphant. In June 2006 Todd visited Lynn Thompson in the CHLY studio on “Living on Purpose” and today’s Episode is a glimpse of that conversation about his thoughts and music. Todd will be a returning performer at the Vancouver Island Music Festival (VIMF ~ in the Comox Valley this year, July 6,7,8. “Todd Butler is a veteran of over 20 years of live performing. Todd’s skills are honed to an exquisite point, and guaranteed he will entertain you with a stunning combination of whimsical wit and outstanding musicianship. Todd is also a storyteller, enrapturing the audience with poignant tales of love, friendship, what it means to belong, to be an outsider, to be searching for something real in these crazy, virtual times…” Todd’s website is and segments of tracks from “Idle Canadian” are included in this Episode with Todd’s permission.

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