“Guy Pilch of Victoria B.C. helps people optimize their mental fitness throughout their lives. Guy describes himself as a ‘connoisseur of human behaviour’, having spent a lifetime observing the wonderful ingenuity and diversity of how people think and behave. He has had professional opportunities to witness and to help people’s approach to life through counselling in mental health, addictions, suicide prevention and psycho-geriatrics. Guy’s combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and his genuine interest in, and empathy with, his audiences lend his presentations a warm and inspiring tone, which is enhanced by his vibrant sense of humour.” This conversation with Guy and Lynn Thompson was recorded in early May 2007 in her car parked by the beach in Victoria. Although this Episode is lengthy, it is presented in a brain-friendly manner of 7 segments of approximately 9 minutes each, separated by brief wave sounds. Guy Pilch’s website is www.brainfitonline.com

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