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April 24 marked the date of the Rana Plaza disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and the 2017 start of the third global campaign for Fashion Revolution. There was a flurry of FashionRev activity online and events worldwide but the majority of people who participate in fashion’s folly don’t know they are part of the problem.

Fashion covers all of us. It connects us to our shared human values if we stop to consider: who made my clothes, and what will I do with this post consumer waste?

Kelly Okamura comments on reactions to three Toronto FashionRev events: Can Fashion Save the World, Talking Textile Trash, and her gooderGoods salon that posed the question, “do you care who made your clothes?”

Cultural anthropologist, Santi Perez and artist, Michelle Forsyth contributed to the Talking Textile Trash dialogue that connects our collective consumption of 80 billion clothes purchased annually to the escalating waste of useable textiles. 

The pressing need to change the current make-sell-dispose linear model to get to a circular economy requires more informed participants of fashion.  

Image: Société Historique du Madawaska

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