Part Two of a two part series on Fat Politics: The F word explores fat politics and fat oppression. This show features the second half of a conversation between collective members Carissa Ropponen and Pragya Esh, and guest Kalamity Hildebrandt. 

This week s show continues that conversation. Pragya and Kalamity discuss how they came to love and accept their bodies and the relationship between fat politics and intersectionality.

Kalamity Hildebrandt is a fat activist based in Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories, who started the group Fat Panic!, an alliance of people of all sizes who are committed to ending the oppression of fat people, and to working towards a society in which no one is taught to hate their own or anyone else s body, for any reason. They are also the Director of Research & Education at the Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) at Simon Fraser University.

Also featured is a reading by Virgie Tovar, a fat femme activist and writer, reading a chapter from the book, Hot and Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life Love and Fashion, about loving her body. 

The F Word creates feminist media outside of the mainstream and seeks to give space to alternative voices and perspectives. We define feminism broadly in order to leave space for debates and differences within the collective and to engage with communities in and around Coast Salish Territories. Our members conceptualize feminism as a lens, a model and practice that works to address and dismantle hierarchies of oppression; guides a personal practice of courage, compassion and connection; and an entry-point for anti-oppressive ways of living. For more information on The F Word, please visit our website at: or email: [email protected]

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