The response to white power #boneheads organizing in Edmonton and London is strong as hundreds of anti-racists and #antifa warriors drive neo-nazis back under the rock they came out from under. These actions occur as communities in Vancouver come together to march for the elimination of racial discrimination and as Canadian minister of censorship and deportation Jason Kenney uses question period to have his government attack No One Is Illegal ( as “more than just a noisey protest group.” 

This first section also includes MMC audio of the Musqeam blockade against condo developments ( and a piece from Tracy Bomberry on 6 years after the Kanonhstaton land reclamation and subsequent OPP raid on the site near Caledonia on Six Nations — Haldimand tract land.  See for info on the April 28th Rally, Walk, and Community Celebration in Caledonia.

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