This episode features a full G20 report with updates about Byron Sonne’s farcical trial and new info on spying on activists from https://paroxysms.ca/2012/03/19/numbers-are-in-71-persons-45-anarchists-… and two interviews by @teamcarmelle with G20 political prisoners @alexhundert and Mandy Hiscocks (http://toronto.openfile.ca/toronto/video/g20s-accused-two-years-later-ma… + http://toronto.openfile.ca/toronto/video/g20s-accused-two-years-later-al…). There is also a piece from Jesse Rosenfeld on new info on community infiltration pre-G20 and a new (and related) article from G20 political target Kelly Pflug-Back posted on the @mediacoop – Scoring for Information: Police infiltration tactics viewed as a violation of womyns’ bodies and rights (http://www.dominionpaper.ca/articles/4342).

The sections continues with ongoing resistance to government cutbacks, including a disruption of the federal budget,and the announcement for an anti-austerity camp-out in Kitchener mid-April (http://julianichim.wordpress.com).


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