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Long before COVID-19 happened, there were alarm bells raised about the harm that privatization of essential and public services would do in the long run. We’ve been seeing it for decades, as governments around the world have caved in to the idea that the private sector can always do things better. It’s a bold premise, and one that is accepted as truth by many economists.

What the COVID crisis did was expose the harm that this economic theory has done to our society. We’ve seen it mostly clearly by looking at how the private sector ownership of nursing homes has put profits before people. And as a result, people have died.

The rampages of privatization are not new — what is new is it’s clearer now what decades of corporate control of institutions which should be in public control has done.

Today’s program is a panel discussion by the Canadian Labour Congress on the impact of privatization. It’s a topic that the CLC and other progressive organizations have been discussing for years. 

The CLC has released a new report on privatization called the For the Public Good: The growing threat of privatization and workers’ proposals to protect our future. In this discussion, panelists discuss how we can work together to strengthen public services. It was held on July 28, 2020.

It is moderated by Amira Elghawaby, director of communications for the CLC. She is joined by:

Image: Victoria Fenner/rabble

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