HMBP Series / Episode 3: In Halifax, the Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour organizers, Angela, (Tooker’s widow) Kelly and Bridget, spend time on the bridge where Tooker Gomberg breathed his last. Angela visits with the Justice Ministers staff and the Chief Medical Examiner asking for an inquiry into the role that anti-depressant drugs played in Tooker’s death. She hopes that the inquiry will bring about systemic changes in health care so that others to avoid a similar tragedy.

Angela and Bridget visit the Grand Parade, the City Hall square where Tooker initiated a car-free campaign. Angela celebrates his victory… And then they’re off, back on the train, heading west to Montreal.

‘Halifax Abridged’ was edited on May 18, 2006 by Sheryle Carlson of International Funk.
hosted by Angela Bischoff
camera, Bridget Haworth and Kelly Reinhardt

For more on the Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour read Angela’s blog (Tooker’s widow) and the Depression Expression tabloid at Greenspiration. Previous HMBP Series are listed below. As well stay tuned to rabblevision for further HMBP Tour videos.

ALL ABOARD! the HMBP Tour departs here
HMBP Series / Episode 2: On April 1, 2006 the Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour begins at Union (yoga) Station in Toronto, Canada. By train and car we aim for Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Trailer – Healthy Mind Body Planet
HMBP Series / Episode1: Introducing boilingfrog’s presentation on the Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour, April 3 – June 20, 2006.
What have drug companies accomplished? Why are alternatives inaccessible?

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