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This provocative talk was recorded at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences on May 31, 2011 in Fredricton, New Brunswick and began with the question: “How do we bring Indigenous knowledge into the academy, while encouraging its production?” The responses may surprise you. Speakers, including: Malinda Smith, Shanne McCaffrey, Kiera Ladner, Dwayne Donald, D’Arcy Vermette, Andrea Bear Nicholas, addressed the ways in which the academy itself continued to play a part in colonization as well as the ways in which ‘indigenizing the academy’ may not, in fact, be benefical for aboriginal peoples and perserving aboriginal cultures.

This talk challenges the very foundations of academic institutions as the speakers refuse to mince words; telling truths that most intellectuals and leaders would probably prefer to ignore or leave buried.

‘Indigenous Knowledge and Indigenizing the Academy’ is certainly one of the most important and riveting conversations on Indigenous issues and academic institutions and is one episode of Needs no Introduction that is not to be missed.

This episode of Needs no Introduction was recorded by Ryan Saxby Hill and produced by Meghan Murphy.

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